Marketing? I have to do marketing? Noooo!

Yesterday, I received my marketing kit from J. Taylor Publishing, and yes, another big squeal escaped my lips.  I have to say, I began reading it with enthusiasm, but by the time I was done, my head felt mushy, tears actually fell and I started freaking out.  Why?  Because I can’t market anything.  I can’t sell water to a fish.  How in the world am I going to do this?

I felt like I was staring at that dreaded Geometry test in high school all over again…the one I studied so hard for but didn’t ‘get’.  The one I got a tutor for because no matter how hard I tried, the answers always eluded me.  There is just so much to do.  At least I’ve already started some of the crucial marketing, like having a blog, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.  But what about branding?

We hear about it all the time.  Authors have to create a ‘brand’, something unique that makes people (readers) remember them.  This means as a soon-to-be published author, I have to take a good look at what type of author I am and how I want to be remembered.

First, what kind of author am I?

Well, I love writing and reading Young Adult/New adult fantasy novels.  Anything that has to do with dragons, faeries, gnomes, trolls, castles, I’m there.  Urban fantasies?  Got it covered.  Dystopians?  You betcha.  So, is this my brand?  I think so, but what do I do with it?

I know I have to create a website, but I can’t afford a fancy one with my own domain name, which means I’ll have to  have a free one.  Hmm, Weebly looks good.  But what do I do after that?  I don’t know!  (another clump of hair lands on the floor).

What is clear is I’m about to embark on a rollercoaster of a ride, and seeing I’m such a wimp, I’m taking each one of you with me.  So strap yourselves in.  Don’t worry about the floor falling out from beneath you.  That’s supposed to happen.  Keep your arms inside at all times and hold on tight because this train is about to leave the station, and it’s going to be a wild and crazy ride!

29 thoughts on “Marketing? I have to do marketing? Noooo!

  1. Self-promotion can be difficult, trying to reach the right audiences. I hope you have good luck with it and that the advice in your marketing packet is helpful. 🙂


  2. You are sooo silly. I got my packet and started it, but buckled when I realized it was 50 pages long. I downloaded it into my Kindle and went to bed to cuddle up with it. The last 20 pages or so scared me a little, but I think that’s natural unless you’ve been doning this for a while.

    The good thing is that you are on board with other authors, two of which should be Pros at this by now. I’m looking to learn from them and, yes, ride their roller coaster.

    I’m actually glad my first publication is in an anthology, because I am not going through all of this alone.


  3. You totally have my sympathies! The idea of trying to sell myself is too scary for words. I am useless at blowing my own trumpet and if/when I get a book deal I still won’t believe that anyone will want to read it anyway lol

    I have to say, I’ve seen lots of authors who don’t have an actual web site, they just use their blog.

    If you do decide to use Weebly are you going to buy a domain name and then get it to link to that? I bought a domain name which is set to link to my WordPress blog.

    So many choices and options, I can imagine your head is spinning. Good luck hon 🙂 Will offer support on your journey and help if I can 🙂



    1. Thank you, Vikki. I definitely want a website. I envision a really cool, interactive site built around my writing, especially my Chronicles of Fallhollow trilogy. There’ll be lots of Flash stuff, maybe a game, ‘portals’ that take my reader from Havendale, Tennessee into my world of Fallhollow and the world of Estaria. My dream is so much bigger than a blog can give. Of course I’d maintain my blog and link it to my website because I love my readers. I am in the planning stage and since I know diddly about HTML or CSS, I’m surrounding myself with people who do. (Anyone know how to design RPG games?) 🙂


  4. LOL, love your last paragraph! But you have to create a website? This one’s not good enough? I disagree!! I bought a ‘domain name’ a long time ago just so anyone wouldn’t snatch it up, but with all your links up top, what more could a website be? Just wondering . . .


    1. Supposedly a website is better because it serves as a permanent spot as well as a blog. The website itself doesn’t change much (unless one starts publishing a bunch of stuff, which I plan to do). I will link my blog to my website but from talking to the “experts” AND reading the marketing packet, I should set up the website. For now, it will have to be a freebie.


  5. Hi Jenny! 😀

    I know exactly what you’re feeling, hehe! But I think the trick to successful marketing is to just be yourself. Talk about things that interest you and let your enthusiasm for your work shine. You’re already amazing, I think marketing is just letting others see how cool you are. 😎

    I hope you have a great day today!
    ~Kelly 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kelly! I’m glad you think I’m cool. I’m sweating profusely right now but we won’t get into that. I will need a hair transplant after all is said and done. 🙂


  6. I was overwhelmed reading this same packet. Hadn’t thought to blog about it. Think I’ll need to since my blog is supposed to be geared toward my SCRIBBLER’S SOJOURN. Duh. I’ve been doing so many book reviews & cover reveals, that my personal journey got lost along the way.
    Thanks for a much needed reminder & letting me know I’m not the only wimp out there. 😉


  7. I’ve already self published a book and no one is buying it probably because I’ve not branded myself, not marketed adequately and because like you, I really suck at these things. So, I’ll go along for the ride and hopefully learn a thing or two from you. You go girl! 🙂


  8. I chuckled at that last bit, but I’m pressing the bar down and coming along for the ride!

    You’ll be fine! Everything seems daunting at first, but I’m sure you’ll be just fine 😀

    It’s an exciting time! Enjoy it! 😀


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