Review Policy

As an author, I love promoting other writers and am open to all sorts of themes when it comes to books.  I help MG and YA authors with cover reveals, author interviews, giveaways, book promos, book trailer reveals, blog hops, etc. I also do reviews of books I’ve read on my own and I also accept requests for reviews.  Please keep in mind, not all requests will be accepted.  I do not get paid or compensated in any way to write a review besides getting to keep the product mentioned.  I do reviews from books I’ve bought, won, or what was sent to me by the author or publisher. If I read something and love it, my readers will hear about it. If I cannot give at least 4 stars to your book, I won’t post a review on my blog; however, I may post a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon and B&N. I will never post a review with less than 3 stars. The books featured on my blog are a variety of genres, but primarily fall under Middle Grade, Young Adult fantasy (dystopian, steampunk, cyberpunk, urban, epic, etc.), however, I do review contemporaries and historical fiction as well.

I never lie on my reviews, however, I will never be rude in my review. 

I will not read or review erotica or explicit sex, horror, vampire stories, or any books derogatory towards God.  I review books in the order I receive them and I try to let authors know how long it will take for me to read their submission and post the review.  If you need your book reviewed by a certain date, please let me know, and I’ll see if I can work something out.  If I do not like your book, I will not review it on my blog. Reviews are posted on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.    

Please note that paperbacks tend to get reviewed quicker as I’m an old-fashioned girl who likes a physical book to read.  If paperbacks are not available, I will accept books in epub format.    

Review copies must be complete.  I will accept the following formats:

-E-book (PDF, epub)
-Physical copies

Any Review copies received by me, including ARCs, will not under no circumstance be redistributed, sold, or given away.

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