Row80 Check-in – Oct. 26

What a roller coaster week this has been.

I won a readers’ choice award at Midlife for my non-fiction short story, Baby.  (It’s posted on my blog under short stories if you want to read it).  I was also a semi-finalist in Brenda Drakes’ Can You Leave Us Breathless contest.  Both accomplishments I was not expecting and they both left me breathless and very thankful to all who participated and made the venues available.

I re-wrote several of my chapters of In the Shadow of the Dragon King, which I need to re-submit to a publisher; however, my astute 16-year old son found some holes in 3 of those chapters that didn’t make sense to him, so off I go to fix them (geez, I hate it when teens are really right!)

Gearing up for NaNo.  The scale tipped in the wrong direction this morning.  My power went out while I was in the shower this morning and hubby had to call the power company to fix the main line outside our house.   I put a bid out for an freelance editing job and I submitted some poetry for possible submission in an anthology.

Bopped around to a few blogs, visited my online critique sites, and touched base with some other writer buddies I fell out of contact with.

Next book on my reading list:  The Glass Man by Jocelyn Adams.  It’s been getting great reviews and from the excerpts I’ve read, I can’t wait to dive in.

Well, back to writing.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a late night.  Keep writing and whatever you do, hold on tight to your dream.