Can you leave us breathless? – a Brenda Drake blogfest contest

It’s close to Halloween and a perfect time for Brenda Drake to sponsor another blog fest. This contest is open to any writer of any genre and the theme is ‘Can you leave us breathless?” What are the rules?

“On October 21 post an excerpt from your novel or other writings to your blog. If you want, you can write something new for the contest. It can be up to 300 words (if the allotted word count falls in the middle of a sentence than go to the end). It can be scary. It could be a romance. A thrill ride. A twist. It can be any genre. All you have to do is make us gasp. You can end with a cliff hanger. You can get gory. Whatever. Just leave us breathless.”

You can read the rest of the blog here.

Don’t be afraid to join in.  This will be lots of fun.  I might actually try my hand at a 300-word flash fiction piece.