The Year of the Snake

year of the snake

Well, what do you know.  We survived the End of the World and in a few short hours (for those of us in the U.S.), we will leave 2012 behind (good riddance, I say) and ring in a new year.  I beseech God and the Universe to make this coming year (despite its superstitious number) to be full of happiness, prosperity and good will.

For those familiar with Chinese astrology, 2013 is the Year of the Snake.  While the snake is usually associated with venom, danger and death, many believe the Year of the Snake will bring prosperity and peace.  We could all use a bit more of both.

I have a few resolutions this year, and as writing them down and throwing them out to the universe seems to bring the changes and events we seek, here are a few of my ‘will do’s’ for 2013:

  • Sign a publishing contract for my  novel, In the Shadow of the Dragon King
  • Visit my daughter in North Carolina in April
  • Visit my daughter and grand-daughter in Seattle in the Spring
  • Watch my youngest graduate High School in June
  • Lose *clears throat* amount of weight and keep it off
  • Grow more in touch with my spiritual side
  • Laugh more, cry less
  • Find a full-time job making good money
  • Start a new life for a new me and
  • Stop writing ‘disappointing’ short stories and write ones that wow

For all of you out there, thank you for visiting my blog.  I appreciate every one of you.  Thank you for making this year an absolute delight.

So, what are you guys up to tonight?  What are your plans for the New Year?  Whatever you do, stay safe, don’t drink and drive and I’ll ‘see’ you back here after the first of the year!

35 thoughts on “The Year of the Snake

  1. Thirteen was always my mother’s ‘lucky’ number right up until the end, so here’s hoping 2013 brings us good luck. As for Chinese prophesy, I think the brother-in-law of mine who likes reptiles will absolutely flip over it being the Year of the Snake!

    I rarely make resolutions, myself, but I hope all yours come to pass. They sound like pretty good ones. 🙂


    1. Hey, your little snake dude was creepy even if he was a metaphor for the one-eyed bandit. He can have a whole year devoted to him as long as he doesn’t slither into parts unknown. 🙂


  2. I urge you to focus most on things YOU can control, like taking trips to visit family. You can’t control whether someone hires you, and I hope you won’t sabotage yourself by feeling guilty over those that don’t work out.


    1. Here’s a toast to you as you bring in the New Year. By the way, thank you for the stellar review of Make Believe! What a perfect way to end 2012!!! 🙂 You are amazing. Heath, peace and prosperity to you and your family and friends in 2013.


      1. You’re welcome, I was a bit late doing the review, as a winner of one of the ARC copies, I should really have done a review much sooner, but I promised Jennifer I would at least get it done before the end of the blog tour! That was actually the very first proper review I’ve ever written! I’ve commented on books and given people feedback etc of course before, but in terms of publishing a proper review somewhere, that was my first!


  3. Good luck on meeting your resolutions. I don’t tend to make any, but I do try to outline goals, and this year, particularly writing goals now that I’m exploring that part of my life. Happy New Year!


  4. LOVE that you put your resolutions out there . . . I think that does help:-) We have a tradition of doing a fire pit night and writing down one ‘bad’ habit we’re going to do less of in the next year and throw it in the fire. Happy NYE!


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