How well do you know your characters?

Today, I visited with David because . . . well, that’s what I do every day, and I have to tell you, he is such a typical Aries male:  energetic, tough to beat.  He likes his style of clothes, period.  He demands honesty of himself and others.  He’s competitive, willing to take the initiative, and expects everyone to follow him.  He’s very clear about his goals, no matter if he’s right or wrong, and what matters to him in the end is ‘winning’.  He is a leader, will accept almost any challenge.  He takes risks for others, defends the vulnerable and will continue his actions when all others give up.

On the flip side, he’s impetuous, self-assertive, aggressive and quick to draw conclusions.  He’s brash, intolerant, doesn’t listen, is a poor judge of character, and dislikes being told what to do.  And he finds out later just how jealous he really is.

His personality makes my writing about him positively WONDERFUL!

So how well do you know your characters?

One thought on “How well do you know your characters?

  1. Ah I like this post!
    Well I’m working with two main characters at the minute, one writing, one editing. But, as you already know Teri, I’ll tell you about her…

    She’s really tough on the outside, but deep, deep down, she just wants to be loved. After her parents disappeared she doubted her own self-worth and thats why she is so career-obsessed, because with no family, what else does she have to be good at?
    She is extremly opinionated, as all main characters should be, I think!
    Teri hates to put her guard down and doesn’t like to be told what to do, or that she is wrong.

    In some ways she is very mature for her age and sees things others don’t. On the other hand she doesn’t see things that are staring her in the face, for example that her friend Mac is in love with her and she is in love with him!

    Great excercise idea Jen!


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