Cinderella, Necromancer

Today, author F.M. Boughan is going to tell you why you’re going to love her new book, CINDERELLA, NECROMANCER. I gotta tell you. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

Take it, Ms. Boughan…

Why You’ll Love This Book

When I got the topic for this guest post, I did a bit of a double take. Because, why will you love Cinderella, Necromancer?

I mean, you might not.

You might not love fairy-tales or fairy-tale retellings. You might not love stories set in Medieval Europe. You might not love historical details, and you might not love it when fantasy-esque tales are based on real life events. Maybe you hate grimoires! Maybe you don’t even like magic.

It’s possible that you don’t like necromancy. Dark magic! Dead people! Evil spirits! Eww. You might hate the notion of a teenaged girl drawing on dark powers and controlling her own destiny. You might absolutely detest the concept of a heroine taking agency over her life and her future.

Maybe you don’t like mice and horses and secret passages. Maybe you don’t like pumpkins and balls and beautiful dresses. Maybe you’re totally sick of princes and graveyards and mysterious happenings in the night!

And I suppose it’s also possible that you detest gothic theming, good winning over evil, and the redemption of characters who do the wrong things for the right reasons.

You might also hate happy endings.

Why will you love this book?

I mean, if you do enjoy any or all of those things… I hope you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll even love it!

But you might not.

I guess you’d better read it and find out. 😉



One thought on “Cinderella, Necromancer

  1. I liked how you listed all the reasons a reader might not like it because, well, those are all the things I do enjoy in a book! Cool approach to the topic. I’m adding it to my tbr pile!

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