Kill the Tree Frog! Savor the Lemon Trees!

I am super excited!  My Meyer lemon trees are doing fabulous!

On May 14, 2014 I told you about my attempt at growing three Meyer lemon trees.  You can read all about it here.

After three weeks of my little sweeties in the dirt, I am super stoked to share this little lovely with you:

meyer lemon trees 6-7-2014

They’re so happy!  Look at all those pretty leaves.  Once they get a little stronger, I’ll put them in terra-cotta pots.  The great thing is they don’t need a lot of room for roots. In fact, their roots freak out if they have too big of a space to spread out, so I’ll keep them in pots about 2 inches bigger than their root base.  I’ll keep you posted on their progress but so far, I’m thrilled.

I’m not too thrilled about this little guy.

cuban tree frog 6-2-2014


Normally, I don’t mind frogs but this is a Cuban Tree Frog and he is an invasive species to Florida.  They actually kill cute little Florida tree frogs like this one:

green frog - florida
“Creative Commons Green Frog” by inajeep is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Recommendation from the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation on how to deal with Cuban Tree Frogs:

“Cuban Tree Frogs should be captured and humanely euthanized by applying 20% benzocaine gel to their skin and then freezing the frog.”

Yeah, right.  Me.  Deliberately kill an animal that is not a cockroach, mosquito or palmetto bug (because those, of course, must die), especially when they look like this:

cuban tree frog 2 - 6-2-2014


I guess if I come across one again, I’ll have to freeze it.  They are a nuisance to our local habitat and are killing the natives.

Anyone else ever had to euthanize wildlife?  Could you do it if you had to?

25 thoughts on “Kill the Tree Frog! Savor the Lemon Trees!

  1. It took me forever to find you again…finally went through FB. I couldn’t find you on my reader, and couldn’t remember your blog’s name or webby addy.

    Haven’t seen the frogs my way yet. We have some grapefruit and lemons started. I’ll have to take a pic. My Meyer never did well…died the first year. But you’re much further south, so I’m sure you’ll have much better luck.


  2. The little lemon plants look great! I don’t know if I could kill the frog. Maybe if I saw it killing the cute little native frogs. Probably not. Sigh. I don’t envy you having to deal with that problem!


  3. I could do it if I had too. However, in the case of a frog like that? I’d probably stick it in the extra aquarium and then let him live his life out as our new disgruntled pet. I’m more of a fly killer than a frog killer at heart.


    1. I don’t need another mouth to feed, especially if it means collecting insects and lizards and such. It’s bad enough knowing my son feeds small rats to his king snake.


  4. We have our own invasive species here in Queensland. The dreadful Cane Toad. Cane Toads are monstrous, greedy, poisonous things that cause so much destruction to our precious native wildlife, from lizards, frogs and small rodents, all the way up to crocodiles (pets and children are victims, too).


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