Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

OMGosh, I hit 100,000 views on my blog today!

I can’t believe it!  This is big!  It’s a milestone.  It’s taken several long years to get here but, it’s not how long it takes, it’s the journey that matters, right?

When I started this blog in 2008 I had no idea what I was doing.  I still don’t know what I’m doing, but don’t tell anyone. Appearances are everything.

At the time I started, I only had one short story published in a book put out by a writer’s group I was in.  It was a ‘vanity publishing’ kind of a thing, a perk I got from “editing” the book.  Since then, I’ve had two short stories traditionally published, the third, previously published piece will be traditionally published very soon (more details to come). I have a publisher interested in a NA novel, and my YA trilogy is soon to be subbed.

It’s been a long journey, one fraught with ups and downs.  Pain and sorrow.  Happy times.  Fun times.  I’ve shared many of those times with you through my blog.

I don’t really have a brand.  How does one brand themselves?  I’m all over the place.  One day I might post a review of a book.  The next, I might share with you my triumphs in growing a lemon tree.  Yes, I may be an author, but I’m also a mom to four kids and furbabies.  I’m a wife.  I’m a person without a job struggling to survive.  I’m strong, but I’m not made of steel. I’m opinionated and I frequently bite my tongue.  How does one brand that? I’ve placed myself in categories my whole life. I didn’t want my blog to be another box I put myself in. I wanted it to be a place where I could be free.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have a gazillion followers.  I do have faithful and wonderful followers that have been with me since day one.

I now have over 100,000 of you who stopped by to check out my verbal farts.  Squeeee!

Beautiful people from all over the world clicked on my blog.  100,000 people have seen my name.  That makes me want to do this…

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you — past, present, and future — for helping this unbranded, down-to-earth, insane author reach her first really, really big blog milestone.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

P.S.:  A feel a giveaway is in order  More details to come soon.

How to (Not) Write a Novel

One day I woke up and said:

I rushed to my computer, a smile on my face.  I just knew I was going to be the next Great American Author!  But, I was suddenly inflicted with…

So I waited in hopes it would pass.  I even took a nap…

But then my muse woke me and  yelled…

I tried to explain that

But the muse got tired of my

and said…

FINE, I said, but you know…

Oh well.  Pooey on my muse.  I’ll write a novel tomorrow.

The end.

The Wait is Over! ~ Cassandra Clare’s ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ is here!

The wait is over.

The epic conclusion to the #1 Bestselling Mortal Instruments series releases today.


I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance? Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changed in the sixth and last installment of the Mortal Instruments series!

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Maleficent ~ finally, the evil queen tells her side of the story

Not since the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films have I been more excited about a movie.  Yes, I waited eagerly for The Hunger Game trilogy, Thor and all of his friends, but Maleficent has me squirming on the edge of my seat.

This is what I hope to be a classic villain re-telling of a timeless Disney classic.  As a child, I was terrified of Maleficent, especially when she turned into the dragon at the end.  It was probably one of the most graphic deaths (next to the hanging in Tarzan) I ever saw in an animated Disney film.  Blood gushed from her heart where Prince Phillip’s sword struck. I can guarantee if Sleepy Beauty was made today, Disney would completely sanitize that scene because some parent somewhere would lose their marbles. Whatev.  Kids everywhere, even to this day, are terrified of that animated villain.  Many parents refuse to let their kids watch that scene because they don’t want their kids to have nightmares. Parents.  One word of advice.  Kids love to be scared.  Let them watch.  Second word of advice…don’t read your child the original story thinking it’s all sweet and fluffy.  Yeah. Sleeping Beauty actually goes to sleep because of a prophecy, is raped twice by the king, gives birth to two children and wakes to one suckling her finger.  Now THAT’s scary and one I’m glad Disney didn’t make.

As a writer, I like to know what the motivation is behind the bad guy’s behavior.  No one is 100% bad.  Every villain has something good about him/her.  I often wondered as an adult when I’d watch Disney’s version what caused Maleficent to turn so evil.  What was her story?  Well, I am about to find out.  Yes, in 10 long days from today, my questions will be answered (I hope).  I’ll let you know what I think of Angelina Jolie’s performance once I see the film, but right now, she’s looking oh so perfect for the role.

Check out the promotional trailers below and let me know what you think. Are you waiting to see this film as much as I am?  If so, I’ll see you in the theaters on  May 30.  I’ll be the one with the tub of popcorn, a large soda and a bedpan, you know, so I won’t miss a thing.

Galavant ~ a new kind of silly hero

I love fantasy.  I love musicals. I love comedy.  I’m thinking I love ABC because this fall they’re bringing us:


It’s a musical.  It’s a comedy, it’s a medieval romance.  It’s like Spamalot, meets the Princess Bride meets Men in Tights.  Check it out:

Exceptionally brilliant or epic fail?  What do you think?


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If a mom sang, “Let It Go”

Oh my gosh, how many times have we heard the song, Let It Go from Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen?  I love this movie along with the rest of the world, and have been caught singing this song in the shower, in the car…in fact I sing it a lot.  And you want to know the kicker?  I don’t have any young kids anymore. Mine are all grown. Two are gone.  Flown the nest.  One has a little one of her own.

Still, you can’t take Disney out of the girl, even when she’s grown and turned into a mom.

When I saw this video, I got all teary-eyed.  Of course, I’m a sentimental girly girl anyway, but where in the the heck was this song when my kids were young?  Moms across the world…take a moment and listen to this new version of Let It Go.  Can you hear yourself?  I know I did.  🙂

I think this is fantastic and I would love to see this entire performance.  If anyone knows anything about this play, the performers, please let me know.

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How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree from seeds

I love Meyer lemons.  They are the sweetest, tartist, most delectable lemon in the entire universe, at least to me.  I don’t find them in the grocery stores very often here, so when I do, I stock up on them.  Of course they don’t last long because I use them to make lemon water, I juice them over salad, in my tea, I make homemade lemonade, squirt on fish.  Umm, so good.

With the last batch I got to thinking how awesome it would be to grow my own Meyer lemon tree.  So, off to the computer I went.  I found out what to do and voila…low and behold, I have seedlings!!

meyer lemon seedlings May 2014  All I did was take four Meyer lemon seeds and put them on a wet paper towel.  I then folded the paper towel, put it in a Ziploc bag, and then placed the bag in a dark kitchen cabinet.  That was about 6 weeks ago.  Look at those cute little seedlings!!

I have to admit I was completely surprised to see them sprout.  I left them in the baggie for one more week until they got a little bigger.  Today I planted them.

As I didn’t have little tiny pots, I chose to use plastic cups.  I poked holes in the bottom.

meyer lemon tree pots


Then I put little rocks in the bottom to help with drainage

meyer lemon tree pots with rocks


Then some potting soil

meyer lemon tree pots with dirt


Then in went the little seedlings.

meyer lemon seedlings planted 5-14-14


They look so happy don’t they?  I have a fourth one but I have to re-pot it because I broke the side of the cup.

Afterwards, I watered them and put them in the sun because they have to have full sun for at least 8 hours of the day.  I will definitely keep an eye on them and keep you guys posted on how well they’re doing.  I’m so excited.  If these grow, I’m going to be a very happy lemon tree mommy.

And for those with limited space, one of the great things about Meyer Lemon trees is they can be grown in containers and they make excellent indoor plants, provided you have windows with lots of light.

This is what I’m shooting for:

picture courtesy of

Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.


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