Maleficent ~ finally, the evil queen tells her side of the story

Not since the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films have I been more excited about a movie.  Yes, I waited eagerly for The Hunger Game trilogy, Thor and all of his friends, but Maleficent has me squirming on the edge of my seat.

This is what I hope to be a classic villain re-telling of a timeless Disney classic.  As a child, I was terrified of Maleficent, especially when she turned into the dragon at the end.  It was probably one of the most graphic deaths (next to the hanging in Tarzan) I ever saw in an animated Disney film.  Blood gushed from her heart where Prince Phillip’s sword struck. I can guarantee if Sleepy Beauty was made today, Disney would completely sanitize that scene because some parent somewhere would lose their marbles. Whatev.  Kids everywhere, even to this day, are terrified of that animated villain.  Many parents refuse to let their kids watch that scene because they don’t want their kids to have nightmares. Parents.  One word of advice.  Kids love to be scared.  Let them watch.  Second word of advice…don’t read your child the original story thinking it’s all sweet and fluffy.  Yeah. Sleeping Beauty actually goes to sleep because of a prophecy, is raped twice by the king, gives birth to two children and wakes to one suckling her finger.  Now THAT’s scary and one I’m glad Disney didn’t make.

As a writer, I like to know what the motivation is behind the bad guy’s behavior.  No one is 100% bad.  Every villain has something good about him/her.  I often wondered as an adult when I’d watch Disney’s version what caused Maleficent to turn so evil.  What was her story?  Well, I am about to find out.  Yes, in 10 long days from today, my questions will be answered (I hope).  I’ll let you know what I think of Angelina Jolie’s performance once I see the film, but right now, she’s looking oh so perfect for the role.

Check out the promotional trailers below and let me know what you think. Are you waiting to see this film as much as I am?  If so, I’ll see you in the theaters on  May 30.  I’ll be the one with the tub of popcorn, a large soda and a bedpan, you know, so I won’t miss a thing.

16 thoughts on “Maleficent ~ finally, the evil queen tells her side of the story

  1. Should be a good one! For some reason, I stopped getting emails of your blog posts. I just thought you were taking a blog break until I checked on you today. Weird, huh?


    1. that is weird. I was wondering why not many people were visiting. I haven’t been posting a lot, though, as I’m in the editing cave and beta reading. 🙂


  2. Malef. is my favorite Disney villain EVER. Every time I go to Disney I ask around and try to meet her. Hasn’t happened yet.

    Hubbs was thrilled to show me a trailer for this movie several months ago. I am uber excited.

    Unfortunately, I will probably have to wait until December when it comes out on video. Better acoustics and no worries about a bad seat in the old home-theater.


    1. I’ve been saving money for the past 6 months so we could see it in IMAX. The IMAX theater here has awesome acoustics and I think this is one of those films that would be great in IMAX. Don’t care for the 3D thing. We’ll see.

      We have a home theater system, too and I know what you mean about acoustics. We don’t have a theater room like you do, but we can get the sound to rumble and shake the house. 🙂 Independence Day is one of my fave movies to watch at home.


  3. I hope to see this one (money always gets tight at the last moment, it seems) and I agree with one of your commenters about “the villain’s side” not excusing him/her. I have hopes, though.


    1. I hear you about the money. I’ve been saving for this one. All I know is that there are always two sides to a story. It will be interesting to see what Maleficent’s is after all these years.


  4. Really looking forward to seeing this movie, too! Maleficent is one of my favourite Disney villains-has been since I was a kid. I’m also super keen to see X-Men: Days of Future Past, and The Edge of Tomorrow … and THEN followed by How to Train Your Dragon 2. Bring on the next string of awesome movies!!!


  5. I’m looking forward to this film as well, Jenny (and I’m a big fan of Angelina) 😀

    The scariest baddies I saw in a movie as a child were the flying monkeys on The Wizard of Oz – they were seriously heinous! 😉


    1. Angelina looks to play the part very well. Not only that, the CGI looks amazing…and it has a dragon!! 🙂 Anything with dragons has my full attention.


  6. I understand the importance of understanding the villain’s motives from a storytelling perspective. These days, no one wants a caricatured bad guy.
    However, I’m afraid this will be another attempt at justification – like Wicked (sorry, everyone except for me loved that play). Sure, bad things happen and some people deal with them by becoming bad. That isn’t the answer and it isn’t something that should be suggested in film or literature.
    As you said, Maleficent is a scary villain. Her anger, need for vindication or vengeance put a spell over an entire kingdom. She killed scores of princes who attempted to break the curse. Is there really anything that excuses this behavior?
    I hope the movie is all you expect, but I probably won’t watch it until it’s on Netflix. Let me know if I should have higher expectations once you’ve seen it.


    1. Interesting. I agree with not glorifying someone’s bad behavior in film, however, from a storyteller’s point of view, I think it adds dimension to a story. The truth of a situation always lies somewhere in the middle of good and evil.

      I look at movies the way I look at books. I read fiction. Fiction is not life, though it can come close to it. They are stories. Make believe. Fantasy. Knowing the villain’s motivation brings the plot full circle for me. I think that’s why I would never see a film based on Casey Anthony’s life, for example. What she did (or what most suspect her of doing) to her daughter, is inexcusable, and making a film about her story would make my stomach turn. That doesn’t mean I’m not fascinated with the human psyche and what makes people like her or Julie Schenecker snap. I’ll watch medical shows and documentaries that delve into these sort of topics from a scientific stand point, but would boycott any film where a real, live villain stands to make any money from their dispicable deeds.

      For me, I separate fiction from reality when I read or go to see a film. In this case, I am curious to see what made Maleficent the way she is. You know how Rowling wrapped up Snape’s character? Remember how we hated him and loved him because we understood him, his vulnerabilities? His fears? That’s what I’m hoping to discover with Maleficent. Whether I will get it remains to be seen.


      1. I agree with you in principal, and I have definitely had the “It’s fiction” argument with people before (taking the same stance you do). I guess for children’s stories, I prefer the villain to be more cut-and-dried. I still disliked Snape at the end because of his treatment of Harry, and I understood his motivations much earlier – love for Lily.
        It’s interesting to me how subjective reading is in this area. In life, things aren’t black and white, but I don’t read fiction to get more of that. I don’t mind understanding a villain but I really don’t want to feel forced into sympathy or empathy for them, especially not after the fact – years after in this case. Putting it into the original story is different (thinking Mr. Freeze in the Batman comics).
        I hope you get the payoff you’re hoping for and I certainly wasn’t trying to dampen your enthusiasm. Me? I’m champing at the bit for the latest X-Men film.


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