What people are saying about Make Believe

“Six stories that ran the gamut from straight up fantasy to modern day paranormal, all with a bit of romance and a twist to keep the reader on their toes made for an enjoyable read all the way through. Honestly, I found it hard to pick a favorite, but if I did it would have to be The Amulet of Ormisez by J. Keller Ford…The rest of the tales included in the anthology were just as well-written and carefully crafted, definitely putting all of these authors on my list of ones to watch for.” ~ K.L. Schwengel

“Make Believe is a delightful anthology of fantasy short stories.” Rick

“MAKE BELIEVE is a magical collection of short stories. Just the right size for someone like me who falls into bed too late every night and doesn’t have much time (or energy) left to read!…Overall, an enjoyable escape from the real world. Fantasy-lovers should definitely check this one out.” – Rachel Morgan

“Selkies, witches, shapeshifters, and more come to life in the short story collection MAKE BELIEVE by Terri Rochenski, J. Keller Ford, Lynda R. Young, Kelly Said, Jennifer M. Eaton, and J.A. Belfield….Each story I read I wanted to proclaim my favorite of the collection!” Cherie Reich

“Make Believe is a truly wonderful bedtime storybook.” – Vanessa Chapman

“Man oh man can I just tell you that I have read a lot of Anthologies but this one by far had me on the edge of my seat. It has six short stories that left me wanting more and more.”  Tee Loves Kylee Jacobson’s reviews

Make Believe turned out to be a hit anthology that I can’t wait to revisit! The wonderful authors who contributed will definitely force readers to feel the cold, while enticing them to believe in the unimaginable.” – Candace of Lovey Dovey Books

“This is a great collection of short stories. They are short enough to read one a night but engaging enough to plow through all at one time depending on how you like to read. I really enjoyed all of them.” Wendy

“Honestly, I wanted to read this anthology just because I really enjoy J.A. Belfield’s writing (and she rocks, Go Julie! Lol) but was pleasantly surprised when I ended up loving the other stories as well. With mystery, deceit, fate, grief, greed, romance, and action each story has its own engaging elements but all are sprinkled with a morsel of magic. Definitely a great read!” Jen – At Random

“This anthology is brilliant….This anthology has a really great mix, with something for everyone, not just the paranormal fans! I would love to see some of the short tales in this anthology become part of their own series. I enjoyed all the authors in varying degrees, and there were none that I would say I wouldn’t want to read again.”  SANZ


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