Write a Story With Me – second time around

A while back I signed up over at Jennifer M. Eaton’s blog to write a story with her.  It was all in good fun and done to celebrate her blogiversary.  It’s been fascinating to watch the story unfold through the eyes of so many different writer’s.  Many times the story would take off in a direction that left the reader scratching his/her head.  Other times, the reader sat back and said, “Man, I wish I’d written that!”  Anyway, contribution time to the story has rolled around to me again (which I wasn’t expecting), so I’m adding the next chapter to this very unique story.  I hope you enjoy Part 20.


Yoran left the cloaked air rider hovering as he retrieved Marci’s limp body from the house.  Janosc was waiting in the sleep cabin when Yoran returned.

“Did you get the medicines I asked for?”

Yoran nodded while covering Marci with a blanket.  “Yes.  It’s all there.  Every last drop of it.  And the weapons, too.  Now let’s go.”  Yoran made his way forward to the cockpit.

“Not so fast, Yoran Sumner,” Janosc said.  “There is but one more item we need before we depart.”

“I refuse to get you anything else” Yoran said, his temper bubbling beneath his skin.

“Then your daughter shall die.”

Yoran advanced.  “Why you—”

Janosc thrust his arms before him, his palms facing Yoran.  A bubble of green light pulsed forward, buffering the space between him and the commander.  “Do not threaten me, human, or our deal is off.  Understood?”

Marci moaned in her sleep, uttering nonsense.

“Delirium is setting in,” Janosc said.  “We have little time.  The choice is yours.”

Yoran clenched his fists, but his anger was pointless. He had to save Marci.  He placed his hands on the overhead compartment.  “What do you want me to do?”

The bubble of light vanished.  Janosc flitted forward.  “I want you to go inside and get Bethany.  She’s coming with us.”

Yoran’s eyes widened.  “What?” he shouted.  “Why?”

“Because she is responsible for Marci’s illness, therefore she is necessary for her cure.”

“Responsible how? What are you talking about?”

“Why don’t you ask her?”


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