Word of the Day – Ethereal

Being a fantasy writer, I use this word a lot, either within the story itself or in my outlines/character descriptions.

Pronounced as  ih-THEER-ee-ul\  it means:

1.   of or relating to the heavens : heavenly
2.  being light and airy : delicate

The ethereal creature woke from the riverbank, stretched her gossamer wings, and flitted over the glistening water.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Word of the Day – Scaramouch (or Scaramouche)

Scaramouch. What a funny word.  Pronounced SKAIR-uh-moosh, it means:

1.  a cowardly buffoon

2.  a rascal, scamp

Sentence using the word:  “That scaramouch, Mundungus Fletcher, can’t be trusted!”

This word has a very ‘fantasy’ feel to it.  I think I’ll use it in my Chronicles of Fallhollow saga. Yes, yes.  It will do just fine.  Hey, if Queen can use it… *wink*

Happy Friday!  🙂

Word of the Day

Hi guys:

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know the editing is going along slow, but well.  I do have a couple of posts planned for next week, especially on the 21st and 22nd (don’t want to miss either one).  Until then, I’ve decided to do a word of the day to keep your minds  nimble and quick.  I hope you enjoy these until I can get back into my regular blog posts. You guys are awesome for hanging in there with me.  Thank you so, so much.

Okay.  Here’s the word of the day:

belletristic – bel-li-TRIS-tik \  (adjective)

Definition (from Dictionary.com):

1.  literature regarded as a fine art, especially as having a purely aesthetic function.

2.  light and elegant literature, especially that which is
excessively refined, characterized by aestheticism, and
minorin subject, substance, or scope.

Used in a sentence:  The belletristic belief that one must first learn the value of self-expression before he can express himself, appeals to those who believe they must understand the fluidity of phonetics in order to become a master lyricist.