It’s catch up day

Wow, I have so much to catch up on today.  Let’s get started with the important stuff first.

I have to announce a few winners of some MAKE BELIEVE goodies.  Every day I award a lucky commentor on my blog with either a digital signed cover of the Make Believe anthology or a signed bookmark.  The winners for the past few days are:

  • December 6:  Missus Tribble – digital signed cover of Make Believe
  • Dec. 7:  Jo – signed bookmark
  • Dec. 8:  Emaginete – signed bookmark
  • Dec. 9:  Tonja Drecker – digital signed cover of Make Believe.

Congratulations winners!!!  Please send me an email at kford2007(at)gmail(dot)com with your e-mail address (digital covers) or physical address (bookmarks).

Next big and great thing…I’m hanging out over on Julie Reece‘s blog today as part of the MAKE BELIEVE blog tour.  For those of you who don’t know, Julie wrote the amazing and fantastic YA novel, CRUX.  It’s getting killer reviews and I will promote this book to the moon and back.  If you like Cassandra Clare novels, you’re going to love this one. Why it’s not on the NY Times Best-seller list is beyond me.

I also participated in Sip-Swap this year sponsored by Jessica Love and Kelsey Macke.  It was a great way to meet new authors.  Everyone who participated sent their ‘sip swap’ partner a coffee mug.  That way, every day when you get up and sit in your writing space, you have a mug to remind you of  your new writer friend.   Mine came from the lovely Amanda Heger!  Look how pretty. And she even included chocolates!!!  I love her!!!

sip swap

Thank you so  much, Amanda!!

Last but not least, I’m starting something new, the Quote of the Day.  Enjoy.

Monday’s quote:

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.  ~ William Shedd