Advertising and the Affect on Teens and Young Women

I found these videos called Killing Us Softly.  Everyone – old, young, male, female, needs to watch this series and understand advertising’s implications on our teens’ and young women’s self-esteem.

There are 4 videos and I’ve linked them below.  Personally, I’m sick of female objectification.  Everywhere we look, women are turned into nothing more than sexual objects. I cannot go to a movie without seeing T & A.  Heavens, I just watched the Wolf of Wallstreet and I couldn’t get over all the naked women and the way they were treated as if nothing more than whores.  I am irritated by sexual innuendos everywhere we turn, especially from the men who supposedly love us, as well as the use of disgusting words and phrases to describe our body parts.  It irritates me that men feel they are entitled to sex with their wives simply because there is a ring on the finger.  I’m disgusting by men who think ‘No’ means “Yes’.

I can say I grew up with these unrealistic expectations to be classy during the day but become a slut in bed.  All, save for but one man in my life, treated me like I should be a sex slave to them.  Shut up and put out.

This same message is coming across loud and clear in the advertising directed at our teen girls.  Padded bras for 7-year olds?  Yes, they’re out there.  3-year olds wearing makeup for pageants?  High heel shoes for babies?  What in the hell are we teaching our young girls?  Be innocent, demure and sexual and thin as a toothpick.  If you’re not these things, you’re disgusting and fat and no guy will ever like you.

What a horrible, horrible message to send to our young female youth.

I implore you to watch the entire series below and then make your own mind to help our young women empower themselves not with sexuality, but with self-esteem.

Please note, the use of the following media is protected under the Fair Use Clause of the US Copyright Act of 1976 which allows for rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purpose of commentary, criticism and education.

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Teen quotes: a list of insight

As part of research for my teen characters, I’ve cruised the internet looking for authentic teen conversations.  I’ve also been guilty of listening to teens at the mall or other public places so I can incorporate authenticity into my writing. Let’s face it.  The teen lingo now is far from what it was when I was growing up (I don’t think kids say, “don’t get your panties in a wad” anymore).

What follows is a list of 20 thoughts, ideas, tidbits of conversations I’ve gathered.  Not only does it serve as great fodder for my novels, but each one offers a unique perspective into the mind of a teen.  What follows may surprise you.

  1. I wish I had a button on my phone that will let me erase messages on other people’s phones that I’ve sent and regret very shortly after.
  2. We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
  3. The only way to make your own pain go away is to focus on the pain of others and one day you’ll wake up and realize that it doesn’t hurt so much.
  4. Mom, Dad, I’ll make you proud of me someday.  I promise.  Just give me some time.
  5. We all have that one person that whenever we get a message from them, we suddenly get that smile on our face and you can’t do anything to stop it.
  6. Teenagers are scared too much now. Why? We get judged for everything! We feel we can’t be ourselves because of what other people will think or say.
  7. Guys! I swear to God, you turn your back and they cheat. When you look at them, they say “I love you”. Don’t they get it? Girls aren’t freaking toys.
  8. My earphones are what set me free from all the bullshit.
  9. I am quite certain that given a nice guitar and a recording contract, I could save the world.
  10. Don’t waste your time on guys who don’t make your tummy tickle.  Stick to those who do.
  11. That moment while you’re secretly texting on your phone and you laugh so loud that the teacher takes your phone away.
  12. It’s funny how your parents say it’s their house but when it needs cleaning, it magically becomes yours.
  13. People say the sky is the limit but there are footprints on the moon.
  14. *low battery* *low battery* *low battery* Well apparently you have a enough battery to remind me about it every 2 seconds!
  15. Maybe all those fashionable clothes, and accessories are over-rated because you can’t pull them off.  You don’t have the swagger. Confidence is the best swag every girl should have.
  16. My mum thinks “LOL” means “Lots Of Love”. She texted me, “Your grandma had just died. LOL” …….
  17. “You’ve changed….” ” I didn’t change!? I just started making better decisions”
  18. I wish cancer got cancer and died…
  19. Math problems, the only place where someone can buy 60 watermelons and no one wonders why….
  20. Crying over a guy?  Nah.  Pick up your head, princess.  Your tiara is falling.

C – Charlotte Stine

Good day, everyone, and welcome to day 3 of the A-Z Challenge.  Thank you all for stopping by and reading my contribution to this fun blogging event.  You can find the link to all the participants here, so after leaving my site, don’t forget to bop around to read the other offerings from almost two thousand other bloggers.  Now onward to the letter C.  From my YA novel, The Eye of Kedge, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Charlotte Stine.  You can see my vision of her by clicking the girl below.

Charlotte Stine was born on April Fool’s Day, but there is nothing foolish about her.  She is an energetic, inquisitive teenager who speaks her mind, loathes war, and passes out at the sight of blood.  Her core beliefs are put to the test after she and her best friend, David Heiland, are kidnapped, and thrust into a world of chaos and magic.  Together, they embark on a perilous journey across a magical land, and discover strange allies in odd places, courage they didn’t know they had, and a hidden destiny that changes everything.


David slipped downstairs, careful not to make a sound, and unlocked the front doors.     Ten tortuous minutes passed before the door opened and Charlotte stepped inside.  She removed her white puffy coat and crocheted cap, spilling coffee-brown hair over her shoulders to her waist. David’s heart fluttered as she flicked him a smile.

“Hey, Firefox,” she said, using the nickname she’d given him as kids.  “What’s got your boxers in a bunch?”