Friday Riddles

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I thought I’d post some goofy riddles.  Enjoy.  Answers are at the end.

1.  What kind of ghost haunts a hen-house?

2.  Why do ghosts like to go to baseball games?

3.  What do you call a ghost in a torn sheet?

4.  What do little ghosts drink?

5.  What happens to a fast witch on a slow broom?

6.  Why did the vampire read the Wall Street Journal?

7.  What do birds give out on Halloween?

8.  What looks and acts like a black cat but is much smaller?

9.  What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands?

10.  I threw away the outside and cooked the inside.  Then I ate the outside and threw away the inside.  What did I eat?


1. poultry-geist

2.  they like to boo the umpire.

3.  a holy terror

4.  evaporated milk

5.  she flies off the handle

6.  He heard it had great circulation.

7.  Tweets

8.  a black kitten

9.  your breath

10.  corn on the cob


Did you figure it out?

Yesterday I posted the following riddle:

How is a cat different from a comma?

Today, I get to pick a random person who wanted to play the game so he/she could guess the answer.  If that person gets it right, he/she wins a signed MAKE BELIEVE bookmark.   The only thing I asked is the person not cheat and look up the answer.  I have to trust that you didn’t.  Ok.  so who will be the first lucky contestant?

Hmm, let me dig around here in my hat full of names…and the 1st contestant is…

Vanessa Chapman

What say you, Vanessa?