Manic Monday – And that’s how she lost her chompers

Woke up with this stupid little ditty running round in my head.

There was once an old woman from Dree
And she was as kind, as kind as could be,
But her teeth were all yellow,
And her breath smelled like the fellow
Hung over in the ally on his knees.

It was a chore, but her friends, the book shoppers
Convinced her to go to the doctors
But when she came to the place
She fell flat on her face
And that’s how she lost all her chompers

Hey, I never claimed to be a poet.  🙂


Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night and words are swirling around in your head and they won’t let you sleep?  That’s what happened to me this morning, except it wasn’t a story that disturbed my slumber…it was a poem…and it had a Jabberwocky feel I couldn’t ignore.

I think it was born out of the ideas I had flitting around in my head last night regarding marketing and branding and finding the author me.  When I went to bed, ideas were spinning around each other.  It took me forever to get to sleep, so it didn’t shock me when I woke up before dawn with the first two stanzas repeating in my brain.  I rushed to the computer to write them down, and the rest followed.  Because I’m a fantasy hound, I searched for pictures to use to go along with it, and within moments found this beautiful image at  It really compliments the poem don’t you think? (If you click on the picture, it will be easier to read).

Do you have inspirational moments where you have to stop what you’re doing to write it down?  Are you ever amazed by what comes out?