P ~ Power (and Pink Floyd)

Welcome to day 16 of the A-Z challenge.  Today’s letter is “P” for power (and Pink Floyd).

There’s a lot of power being slung around in my novel, The Eye of Kedge.  The mages have power.  My antagonists all have insane powers.  There is magical power in the air.  Even my young protags have oodles of power, though they haven’t realized their full potential.

Societies tend to frown upon certain kinds of power:  power in government, power in the work place, power in education.  People don’t take to oppressive sorts of power too well, as obvious in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

As John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

And while power can be viewed negatively, we as individuals would die as a species without it.  We all possess the power within ourselves to change our behaviors.  As parents, we pride ourselves on our power to take care of our young, to see to it no one else brings them harm.  We have the power to help others in need, to organize community events, to become better than we are.  Writers have the power to change opinions through words.  Artists have the power to influence our fashion sense.  Books have the power to open minds and let imagination run free.  The thirst  for ‘power’ isn’t a bad trait to have.  It’s all in the reason we want it and the way we use it that makes us lions or lambs, good guys or bad guys.

Which one are you?