Newly found Oyster has lots of pearls

Oyster & pearl by Used under Creative Commons license
Oyster & pearl by Used under Creative Commons license

There is an Oyster out there that offers up more than 100,000 thousand gems.  Think I’m kidding?

New York start-up company, Oyster is doing for readers what Netflix did for movie lovers.  According to their website, Oyster offers up unlimited books for $9.95 a month.  More than 100,000 titles are available, anytime, anywhere.  Think of it as having a library at your fingertips.  Anything from YA to Romance to History to Sci Fi. You want it, Oyster delivers.  You can keep up with what your friends are reading and recommend books to your friends all with a single click.  

At the moment, it appears Oyster is only available for I-phones and I-Pod touch, but I’m sure they’ll expand their reach once the company grows.

Another cool thing about Oyster, if you’re an author or publisher, there’s a special link to Oyster if you want to work with them.  This could be HUGE for small presses and indie authors.  What a fab idea!  What do you think?