#Mockingjay fans – Are you ready?

I don’t know about you but I’m dying for the final installments of the Hunger Games. I wish in one way the producers wouldn’t cut the final book into two films, but then again, I get it. I just don’t want to wait for it.

I know I’m going to cry. For those who’ve read the book, you know why. But I’m also going to run the gamut of every human emotion one can experience. And if the film is done correctly and keeps with the storyline of the book, #Mockingjay 1 and 2 are going to leave me stunned, wiped out, paralyzed. My husband (who hasn’t read the books), finds the story disturbing on so many levels and the past 2 movies have stayed with him for quite some time afterwards. Imagine if he’d read the books. When I finished them, I felt like I’d fought this war myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about all that had happened, all that was to come, all that should have been but never will be. A love that should have lasted, that should have continued for all time, but didn’t.

Very rarely have a read a book that leaves me so numb. The ending was predictable. That’s not to say I liked it. I wanted a different path for Kat. I didn’t get what I wanted. I don’t think anyone did, but we got the only choice that was logical, unruled by emotion. I wept. I got angry. I loved. I rejoiced.

And I’m hungry for more.

#Mockingjay.  Coming to a theater near you November 21. Are you ready?

#TheMockingjayLives – Official Trailer of the newest Hunger Games movie

“You will rescue #Peeta at the earliest opportunity. Or you will find another #Mockingjay…”



Who else just got shivers????

“I really can’t think about kissing when I’ve got a rebellion to incite.”*

One of my favorite YA series of all time is  The Hunger Games.

I remember reading the series for the first time back to back.  For those not familiar with the books, they are: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. I can still feel the numbness, the sensation of my gut being  twisted, my heart being wrenched from my chest.  I didn’t want the series to end the way it did, but it was the only logical ending.  I was too stunned to weep, and yet weeping is something I did during the series.  Rue’s sacrifice pretty much did me in.

Suzanne Collins’ writing touched a part of me I didn’t want to visit.  She toyed with my emotions and inflamed my motherly instincts.  Nothing can get a mom’s hackles up more than kids being used for government folly to keep the masses in line.  Children forced into committing murder to stay alive.  The story stirs our need for revenge, touches the dark, violent side we all harbor inside, but dare not act on.   Katniss Everdeen allows us to safely take that vengeful journey, to make those pay for the crimes against mankind and the most innocent of our world – our children.

Many people found it difficult to read The Hunger Games.  Many non-readers like my husband became incensed over the theme of the movie.  For him, it was too hard to process.  Too much to watch.  November 22 will bring all those emotions to the forefront again when Catching Fire hits theaters.  He is not sure if he can watch it.  I can’t wait.

Who else is ready for the revolution to begin?

*quote from Catching Fire