L, M, N…I’m so far behind

Ok, so I get sicker than a dog, traveled to NC and back, went to work and kind of forgot about posting all my A-Z goodies.   Soooo…..I’m lumping them all into one post.  I promise, I’ll make it short and sweet.

As they relate to my novel, The Eye of Kedge:

L ~ Mr. Earl Loudermilk

An older man and former history teacher at Havendale High School.  An avid collector of medieval weapons, old books, and historical memorabilia.  He is David Heiland’s next door neighbor, mentor and friend, that is until he turns wackadoodle. The reason for his odd transformation is dangerously absurd.

M ~ Mangus Grythorn

A handsome and lethal man. Part mage, part human, he is Supreme Master Jared’s closest ally, collaborator, and serves as General of the Felindil Legion Command.  Standing 6’4″, Mangus speaks seven languages, has a twisted sense of humor and a kind heart…when he’s not trying to rip out the heart of his enemy.  Inspiration for this character can be found here.

N ~ Northern Forest

The realm of Fallhollow is bordered to the north by the Northern Forest and to the South by the Southern Forest.  Seyekrad, one of two protectorates of the realm, lives in the Northern Forest.  The second protectorate, Slavandria, resides in Chalisdawn, in the the Southern Forest.  The Northern Forest is also home to the Sankara Mountains and Berg Castle.  Here, you will also find the Elastine Forest, an unusual, magical prison, and haven to shy and timid dryads.