“W” is for…

Wishing upon Stars

Do you remember what it was like as a child, to look out on the world and see one big playground?  Life was full of possibilities.  Everything could be accomplished.  There were no limits, no timeframes, no impossible dreams.  And when times were bad, all you had to do was throw a coin in a fountain or find your favorite star and make a wish.

What happens to that innocence when we grow up?  Why must we lose that childish enthusiasm?  Who says we have to?  What’s wrong with wishing?

We all know what Jiminy Cricket said in Pinocchio:

What is that you say?  You’ve forgotten how to wish upon a star?  Well, it’s not that hard.  Just close your eyes and remember…

1.  Pick the first star you see, not the biggest or brightest.

2.  Stare at that star and repeat the lines from a long-lost poem:  “Star light, Star bright, the first Star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”  (Go ahead.  Do it.  Let the magic from your youth fill your mind and soul).

3.  Now close your eyes and make your wish.  Say it aloud so the stars and heavens can hear it.  What good is a wish if it stays bottled up inside?  Release it to the universe.  Say it with love, with passion.  Don’t hold anything back.  You must believe in your wish.  If you don’t, how can the star believe in it either?

Does this sound childish?  To some…maybe.  To me…wishing is magic and magic is all around us and within us.  So go on, make a wish.  Dare your dreams to come true.     All you have to do is believe.