Ok, so my dragon is a dog

Yep, you read the headline right. My dragon is a dog. Well, at least he acts like one in my current W.I.P. that happens to be the second installment of my Young Adult fantasy series, The Chronicles of Fallhollow.

I hadn’t planned for Mirith to take on doggish traits. I mean, he’s an Oppernicus for heaven’s sake.   They are very odd dragons. They don’t fly. They are quite stocky. They have a frill of feathers for  a mane, a beak-like an eagle, scales like a fish, and a tail like a lion’s, except with a pointed mace on the end.  Oh, and they don’t shoot fire. Instead, they curl their tails over their heads like a scorpion and shoot ice bolts.

But when Mirith is with his best bud, David, he is reduced to a puddle of goo. He rests his head on David’s knee and begs. He wags his tail when happy. He growls when mad. He struts around like he’s all that. And he tries to sit on the furniture, with not much luck because he’s bigger than the freaking couch.

And even though he gets into mischief, and is fiercely loyal in his protection of David, he really is a big, sweet, loveable baby who loves getting scratched behind the ears … if you can find them. But watch out. When he’s getting his lovin’, he purrs like a really big cat.

I’m sure his antics will delight young and old alike. He makes me smile, that’s for sure.

What/who is your favorite fictional pet? Snoopy? Hedwig? Pascal? Scooby Do? Falkor? I want to know.