The Merman and the Moon Forgotten

Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten - Episode 1

On July 6th, Kevin McGill will give away 1000 print signed copies of Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten , shipping included, for anyone between 10 and 17.

Do you know a pre/teen who loves to read a good fantasy adventure like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?  This series may be just the one they’re looking for to fill the void.

But why give away 1,000 books?  Kevin says:  “One of the reasons I’m giving away 1000 copies is because books, especially the crazy adventure ones, were important to me as a teen.”  He doesn’t want kids to be bored.  If the reviews are any indication, boredom is not an option with Nikolas & Company – The Merman and the Moon Forgotten.

“I have to admit, before I could read this fantastical book, my son beat me to it. He read it in a single day and raved.”  – Elizabeth Mueller

To read more about the giveaway and about Kevin’s new book, please go to his website and check it out.  I, personally, have added the book to my Kindle list and I also signed up a teen for the give away, so hurry before all signed copies are gone!