My SweetSixteens and 16ToRead author mate, Meghan Rogers, has a new book coming out in Winter 2016, and boy does it look fantastic!  Check out this amazing cover for CROSSING THE LINE, the first novel in The Raven Files series.

Even if I didn’t have a blurb for this I would still soooo want to read it. I mean, come on!  There’s a helicopter, a chick wearing gloves and a hoodie perched on a building. It just screams spytastic!!

Good for us, I do have a blurb.  Check it out:

When Jocelyn Steely was kidnaped by a North Korean spy agency, she was only a little girl. Young. Scared. Powerless.

But when she makes it to US soil, she finds that not everyone believes her story. Will she be able to get the Americans to trust her? Or will the North Koreans discover her deception before she has a chance?

The first novel in the Raven Files will leave you breathless.


Are you breathless?  I know I am.  Wow. This book is going to be one heart-stopping, wild ride adventure, so make sure you add it to your TBR list today!! And don’t forget to tell your friends because this is going to be a fantastic book you’re going to want to have.

And now that I’ve introduced you to the book cover, why not head on over to Meghan’s hang out spots on-line and introduce yourself. Tell her how much you love that cover and can’t wait to read her book. Oh, and tell her I sent you.

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