J – Jared

Hello everyone.   Today, I’m coming to you from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, in Winston-Salem, NC!  My daughter’s thesis presentation is this weekend and I left Florida to be with her for moral support, not that she needs it.  She’s awesome!  This is’ make it’ or ‘break it’ weekend for her.  Will she or won’t she get her Master’s degree?  Signs point to yes.

While she’s up there in the presentation room, I’m going to tell you about Jared.  Nope, not the jewelry store (though I’m really smitten with this gorgeous canary yellow and chocolate diamond neckace and ring I saw there).  I’m talking about Jared, a very, very powerful mage in my YA novel, The Eye of Kedge.  He may not be as powerful as Pug, but he’s pretty darn close.  (Raymond Feist fans will know of whom I speak, but I digress).

So, what’s so hot about Jared?  Well:

  • he’s the Supreme Master over all magic beings in the world of Estaria that possess white magic.
  • he is the only mage allowed to commune directly with the heavens.  He receives his directions from the heavenly master.
  • He is the king of Felindil.
  • He owns a fleet of slipper ships.  His own vessel, the WindSong, is the largest of all of them, coming in at 800 feet long with 6 masts varying in height from 150 to 400 feet tall.
  • He is intimidating, as David so aptly points out:

The man sauntered forward and slipped the hood away from his head.  Dark hair framed his rugged face.  Eyes, clear and blue, shone bright against his sun-bronzed skin.  A slight smile creased his lips as he shed the entire garment like it was a nuisance.  Over his well-defined muscles, he wore a black leather vest, and heavy black trousers tucked into knee-high boots.  Silver rings, some bearing jewels, adorned every finger.  A sword sat on his hip and mystic symbols stained his chest.

Sounds like a guy to have in your court, huh?

Thanks for stopping by, guys.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow when I’ll let you in on a little secret about Kedge.  Until then…

A – Z Blogging Challenge

I must have lost my mind.  I just signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge next month!  What is A-Z blogging?  In short, the idea is to blog for 26 days using each letter of the alphabet as a blogging topic. That’s it! You can blog about whatever you wish, the only requirement is that each day has a corresponding letter and your post topic must start with that letter.  For those of you who are at a loss as to what to write about in your blog, now is the time to flex those creative muscles and write.

Now, I don’t know about you.  26 blog posts are a lot of posts.  But I like the challenge because you can write about anything.  It’s a great way to get your readers to know more about you and what interests you.  Explore your passions, write a short story or poem.  Become your own Dr. Seuss for those X and Z posts.  It’s not called a challenge for nothing!  LOL!

So, pop on over to A-Z and sign up!  What are you waiting for?