My Works in Progress

New Adult Fantasy Romance Novel

53,000 words


A young girl, bound by marriage to a fae bounty hunter, escapes her bonds and seeks her freedom and true love in the fae forest of Shinebourne.  Her departure, however, unleashes a curse upon the town of Summerfirth, a curse that can only be broken if she returns to the life of misery she desperately wants to leave behind.  Standing before the dragon altar of Kelwin, she must decide her fate:  stay with the man she loves or go back to the one that loves her.  The wrong choice will kill everyone.


5 thoughts on “My Works in Progress

      1. You can check out the book trailer for The Sword of Air here. Let me know if you are interested in doing a review to publish on your blog and your good reads account. Thanks Rae.


        1. Thank you Rae, for your interest in me reviewing your book. The trailer looks amazing. Sad thing is, I do not have an Iphone, Ipad, ITunes. In fact I don’t have an I anything. 🙂 Even if you could provide in a different format, i wouldn’t be able to do it justice because part of the review with this piece would be the Multi-touch capablity, the photgraphs and the music. This looks to be an incredible undertaking and I wish I could give you the type of review it deserves, but I just can’t. I hope you understand. If you would like to do a guest post on my blog to talk about your inspiration, your choice in picking this type of book, etc, I would love to promote you. let me know.


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