Mooseletoe – a cute romance for the holidays

As most of you know, I usually write about and review young adult and middle-grade fiction. Very rarely will you ever see me review outside that genre, but today, I bring you my review of a Christmas romance by Tiffinie Helmer, titled MOOSELETOE.

This was a cute story of a woman, Holly Noelle Snow, who loves Christmas so much she sets up a small, quaint gift shop, aptly named Mooseltoe, in the tourist town of North Pole, Alaska. She’s really looking for love but doesn’t expect to find it in a crabapple eating, drunk, matchmaking moose named Bullwinkle (he is really quite adorable, even when he’s up to no good).

The story opens with Holly fearing for her life when she hears what she believes to be an intruder trying to enter her shop. Enter Officer Reese “Scrouge” Sutton, the long-haired, blue-eyed protector come to save the day. A brief romantic interlude occurs where Holly and Reese get tangled up in lights, thanks to Bullwinkle, thus setting up the rest of the story.

While I found this to be a typical romance, and could pretty much predict what was coming, it was still a cute, uplifting tale with humorous happenings and a happy ever after ending. The romance was a bit cheesy. I wanted to smack Sutton a couple of times. I also wanted to shake Holly.  I mean, there were a lot of “aww, come on! Ya gotta be kidding me” moments. Still, I enjoyed the story as well as all the characters like Lynx, Gemma, and Trixie.

If you like adorable little Christmas romances that are quick reads, then this is for you. It really is about as sappy and sweet as you can get. Pleasant read.

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