THE SECRET OF POOKS WOOD – An enchanting story for those who still believe in the magic of Christmas

Paperback, 146 pages

Published May 12th 2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (first published April 3rd 2014)
ISBN 1499525591 (ISBN13: 9781499525595)


When twins Lily and Ollie are stranded at Great Hawkesden Manor over Christmas with their mother Stella, they have no idea what will happen when they find an old glass snow globe.

Inside it not only is there a miniature model of the manor house, but there is magic.

A time-shift adventure for readers of 9-12



I’m a sucker for wonderful stories that transcend the age groups. Many children stories are just that. They’re meant for children. But THE SECRET OF POOKS WOOD is a story for all ages and it is wonderfully told.

It’s about this woman, Stella, who has two twin children of her own, Lily and Ollie, and they travel to her old home of Great Hawkesden Manor to visit Uncle Alfred who now lives in the manor. Due to a snowstorm at Christmas, they become stranded at the manor, but that doesn’t deter the children from being children. What unfolds afterward borders on the wonderment and old-time charm one would find in a Charles Dickens story, only with a modern feel.

I fell in love with all the characters and the story and I was drawn in immediately. Laycock has a wonderful writing style that is whimsical yet exciting. Her words have the ability to transport you to the Great Hawkesden Manor and when the children find the snowglobe, you know things are about to turn even more exciting.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and or fantasy, there is everything you could want in this story: magic, time travel, portals. Even if you aren’t a huge reader of either of the genres, you will fall in love with the warmth and overall feel-good feeling this story offers. It’s a story to be treasured by children any time of the year, though it does hold a special, wonderful, heart-warming charm during the holidays. I would love to see the author write more books centered around Great Hawkesden Manor, Lily and Ollie.  I cannot express how wonderfully heartfelt, enchanting, and engrossing this story is, and if you’re a fan of happy endings, this one has a refreshing and inspiriting one. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves stories of love, tribulations and the importance of family.

Five stars from me.

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