Spring into Cash with a $250 Giveaway

Who doesn’t like giveaways?

I especially like this one because there are a bunch of authors involved who would love for you to check out their websites and blogs. And to say thank you for doing that, they are rewarding you with an awesome gift to spend however you like.  So check out all the awesomeness and enter for your chance to win. Who doesn’t need a little extra spending money, right?


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Spring Into Cash $250 Giveaway
An awesome group of bloggers and authors have joined with me to bring you one fabulous prize!

One lucky winner will receive…

$250 Amazon.com Gift Code or $250 in Paypal Cash


Sponsor List

I Am A Reader
Lori’s Reading Corner
Terah Edun, Author
Jennifer Peel Author
Kimber Leigh Wheaton
Simple Wyrdings
TMBA Corbett
Bonnie Blythe Pure Romance
Bonnie Blythe Time Travel Romance
Aubrey Wynne: Romantasy Through the Ages
Carol Malone – Author
Diana’s Book Reviews
Krysten Lindsay Hager author
Laurie Here – Cont Fiction and More
Julie Coulter Bellon
Helen Smith
Why Not? Because I Said So! (Sheila Staley)
Author D.E. Haggerty
Taylor Dean Books
Dianne Venetta
The Late Bloomer’s Book Blog
Glistering Bs Blog
Erin Richards
Heather Gray, Author
FLYLēF Book Reviews
Jennifer Bardsley
Jennifer Faye
Worldwind Tours
J. Keller Ford


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$250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 Amazon.com eGift Card

Ends 4/15/16

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Release Day Blitz: Ashes in the Sky (Fire in the Woods #2) by Jennifer M. Eaton with Giveaway


Happy Release Day to

Ashes in the Sky (Fire in the Woods #2)
by Jennifer M. Eaton!!

Join us in celebrating this release from Month9Books!

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Happy Book Birthday,Jennifer!




After inadvertently saving the world, eighteen-year-old Jessica Martinez is ready to put adventure behind her and settle back into the familiar routine of high school.

Though when she’s offered an opportunity to photograph the inside of an alien space ship, Jess jumps at the chance. After all, she’d be crazy to turn something like that down, right?

Spending time with David on the ship has definite advantages and the two seem to pick up right where they left off. But when Jess discovers a plot to sabotage David’s efforts to establish a new home for his people on another planet, neither David’s advanced tech nor Jess’s smarts will be able to save them.

ASHES IN THE SKY is an action-packed, romantic Sci Fi adventure that will leave readers screaming for more.

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Ashes in the Sky (Fire in the Woods #2) by Jennifer M. Eaton
Publication Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

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When a plane crashes in the woods near Jess’s home, the boy of her dreams falls out of the sky—literally. But David’s not here to find a girlfriend. He’s from another planet, and if Jess can’t help him get back to his ship, he’ll be stuck on Earth with nothing to look forward to but the pointy end of a dissection scalpel.

But her father runs their house like an army barracks, and with an alien on the loose, Major Dad isn’t too keen on the idea of Jess going anywhere. Ever. So how the heck is she supposed to help the sweetest, strangest, and cutest guy she’s ever met?

Hiding him in her room probably isn’t the best idea. Especially since her Dad is in charge of the squadron searching for David. That doesn’t mean she won’t do it. It just means she can’t get caught.

Helping David get home while protecting her heart—that’s gonna be the hard part. After all, she can’t really fall for a guy who’s not exactly from here.

As they race through the woods with Major Dad and most of the U.S. military one breath behind them, Jess and David grow closer than either of them anticipated. But all is not what it seems. David has a genocide-sized secret, and one betrayal later, they are both in handcuffs as alien warships are positioning themselves around the globe. Time is ticking down to Armageddon, and Jess must think fast if she’s to save the boy she cares about without sacrificing Earth—and everyone on it.

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Jennifer M. Eaton

Jennifer M. Eaton hails from the eastern shore of the North American Continent on planet Earth. Yes, regrettably, she is human, but please don’t hold that against her. While not traipsing through the galaxy looking for specimens for her space moth collection, she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband and three energetic offspring. (And a poodle who runs the spaceport when she’s not around.)

During infrequent excursions to her home planet of Earth, Jennifer enjoys long hikes in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and snuggling up by the fire with a great book; but great adventures are always a short shuttle ride away.

Who knows where we’ll end up next?

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Goodreads | Instagram | YouTube



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Release Day Blitz: The Lingering Grace (The Looking Glass #2) by Jessica Arnold with Giveaway

The Lingering Grace RDB

Happy Release Day to

The Lingering Grace (The Looking Glass #2)
by Jessica Arnold!!

Join us in celebrating this release from Month9Books!

Enter the giveaway found at the end of the post.

Happy Book Birthday, Jessica!

The Lingering Grace Cover new


All magic comes with a price.

The new school year brings with it a welcome return to normalcy after Alice’s narrow escape from a cursed hotel while on summer vacation. But when a young girl drowns in a freak accident that seems eerily similar to her own near-death experience, Alice suspects there might be something going on that not even the police can uncover.

The girl’s older sister, Eva attends Alice’s school, and Alice immediately befriends her. But things change when when Alice learns that Eva is determined to use magic to bring her sister back. She must decide whether to help Eva work the highly dangerous magic or stop her at all costs. After all, no one knows better than Alice the true price of magic.

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The Lingering Grace (The Looking Glass #2)
by Jessica Arnold
Publication Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

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Find the diary, break the curse, step through The Looking Glass!

Fifteen-year-old Alice Montgomery wakes up in the lobby of the B&B where she has been vacationing with her family to a startling discovery: no one can see or hear her. The cheap desk lights have been replaced with gas lamps and the linoleum floor with hardwood and rich Oriental carpeting. Someone has replaced the artwork with eerie paintings of Elizabeth Blackwell, the insane actress and rumored witch who killed herself at the hotel in the 1880s. Alice watches from behind the looking glass where she is haunted by Elizabeth Blackwell. Trapped in the 19th-century version of the hotel, Alice must figure out a way to break Elizabeth’s curse—with the help of Elizabeth’s old diary and Tony, the son of a ghost hunter who is investigating the haunted B&B—before she becomes the inn’s next victim.

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Jessica Arnold

Jessica Arnold lives (in an apartment) and works (in a cubicle) in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a master‘s degree in publishing and writing from Emerson College.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads



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ASHES IN THE SKY – A spacestastic review! #Month9Books, #Month9Squad

When we think of aliens, I think most of us conjure up visions of little green men flying around in spaceships like the one that’s taken over this post.  I can assure you, however, the ones in the book I’m about to talk about aren’t little green men.  They are otherworldly. Intelligent. A little self-righteous. But they have this incredible ability to turn into something us humans can understand, and that’s human.

In book one of the series, FIRE IN THE WOODS (a must read by the way before you read this one), we meet high schooler Jess, a National Geographic wannabe, and David, this kid who just crash landed an alien vessel in the woods near Jess’s house. But he’s not your typical alien. Nope. He’s hot. In fact, he’s the heart throb of every teenage girl in the world. Well, at least he looks like him enough to fool Jess. Anyway, the two end up on this wild adventure trying to escape the army that is trying to capture him, while David tries to protect Jess from the aliens that want to kill her. It’s a great story, and a fast read and I loved it, which says a lot because I normally don’t read Sci Fi.  Needless to say, I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for ASHES IN THE SKY to come out, and lookie!! It’s here!!


After reading the first book, I was expecting an excellent read and boy did Ms. Eaton deliver. This book was jammed pack with action and romance and I fell in love with alien David all over again. Can the guy get anymore swoon-worthy? The chemistry between Jess and David jumps off the pages. He’s so into her and she’s so into him, but they are always thinking about the alien thing that stands between them.  How could it possibly work? He’s from a planet called Erescopia and she’s from Earth. In his true form, he is truly as alien as they come, but Jess loves him. In fact, she loves him more as himself than as the human David. But he’s so sweet and loving and doesn’t want to pretend that things could be perfect between them.  I think this is a theme that teens can relate to especially if they are attracted to someone of a different race or of the same gender. How will people react? Where will they go where people don’t stare and talk? How can they have a normal life with so many prejudices in the way? I found it refreshing how the author wove this theme into the book about aliens.  I guess humans aren’t the only ones to wrestle with these everyday dilemmas.

The action in this book is still there and it grabs you from start to finish. The pace is fast and you will reach the end of the book before you know it and beg for the last book. You’ll kick and cry because you can’t get your hands on Book 3 for maybe another year or so.  Yes. You heard me.  Of course, miracles are known to happen, so you never know. 🙂

I loved the other characters in this book as well, especially Edgar. I’m not going to tell you anything about him except that he is a brilliant creation from the mind of Jennifer Eaton. He’s so … no. I’m not going to tell you.  You’re going to have to read it for yourself.

Is there a downside to this book? I guess that depends on what you’re looking for. This is a YA book and it has a YA appeal. If you’re looking for something like ACROSS THE UNIVESE or THE 5TH WAVE, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for something along the lines of ALIENATED, or Jennifer Armentrout’s LUX series, then ASHES IN THE SKY is for you.

5 stars out of 5, folks.  I can’t wait for the final book. It’s going to be a doozy! Check out the trailer and links to the both books below.

Find Fire in the Woods at your favorite Bookseller

Find Ashes in the Sky at your favorite Bookseller




IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING reveals itself to the world today!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am today.  Finally, I have a cover reveal to share with you and it’s not of someone else’s book, but mine. Yes, IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING is about to be born, and today you get a sneak peek at the cover, the first chapter and a giveaway to boot., which comes out May 31, 2016!!

What do you think?

I am over the moon. I couldn’t have asked for a more classic, enchanting, dark, engrossing cover that will appeal to both girls and boys. What do you think?



Title: IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING (The Chronicles of Fallhallow #1)

Author: J. Keller Ford

Pub. Date: May 31, 2016

Publisher: Month9Books

Format: Paperback & eBook

Find it: Amazon | B&N | TBD | BAM | Kobo | Google Play Books | iBooks |Goodreads


What’s it about?

Seventeen-year-old, Eric, is a kick-butt squire to the most revered knight in Fallhollow. Well he would be if Sir Trogsdill allowed him to do anything even remotely awesome. Determined to prove his worth, Eric sets out to find the mythical paladin summoned to protect the realm from the evil lurking nearby.

Sixteen-year-old, David, spends his days collecting school honors, winning archery tournaments, and trying not to fall in love with his scrappy best friend, Charlotte.

Right when things start to get interesting, he is whisked away to the magical realm of Fallhollow where everyone thinks he’s some sort of paladin destined to fulfill a two-hundred-year-old prophecy. He’s supposed to help kill a dragon with some sort of magic key. The same key that happens to adorn the neck of an annoying squire who’s too wrapped up in proving himself to be much help to anyone.

With egos as big as the dragon they need to destroy, Eric and David must get over themselves, or watch everything they know and love, burn.

Exclusive Excerpt

Since the 1st chapter is sooo long, I thought it best to dedicate a separate page to it. Click here to read.



Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive an eGalley of IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING. International.

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All it takes is one person to change the world … or someone’s life

So, I’m checking out my publisher’s Google Group site the other night, seeing what was new, when I came across this ditty from a fellow author that quite literally made me leap from my cozy spot on the couch and yell, Holy Shit!  Oh, My God! Seriously?  and then this huge grin spread across my face that I couldn’t get rid of until I fell asleep about 3 hours later. (Even then I think I was still smiling.) My husband and I were watching Colony at the time (have you guys been watching that?  Love love love Josh Holloway and the show is so goooood). Anyway. I digress.  It was during a commercial when I checked the site on my phone and I actually had to turn the sound down on the t.v. and loudly announce what I’d just read to my hubby. I then bounced like a jackalope into my son’s room and said, “Ya gotta read this!” I paused his video game, and being the rebel that he is, read the post, then smiled, then laughed, then high-fived me.

So what got me all flipping yippy yappy and leaping like a unicorn over rainbows?

This little message.  And keep in mind, my book isn’t even out yet.

tulip scroll

“Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that happen that make your day…

Today my son got “caught” reading an ARC of In the Shadow of the Dragon King during his free reading time at school. His advanced reading teacher pointed out that it was not on the “approved” reading list for advanced readers.(He needs to read so many “points” of books a month to stay in advanced classes). My son, quite tired of all the “boring” books they offer said: “It’s not even out yet, how can I get it on the list?”The teacher challenged him to read the book for fifteen minutes and give examples of vocabulary words and complex sentences to prove that the writing is “at or above” his reading level.  Dude found EIGHT vocabulary words and several examples of advanced sentence structure and symbolism in the first twenty-ish pages of the book. Congrats, J.Keller Ford. IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGN KING is being added to the approved reading list as of next week.”
Did you see that? Did you?  The approved reading list. My soon-to-be novel was accepted by this particular county’s AR Program.  The more I think about it, the more I glow like a lightning bug in a radiation lab.Yep. Me. My book.
Uh huh. Dude changed my world and my life with this one act of kindness.
I’m telling you folks. All it takes is one person to change the world or someone’s life. Never, ever miss an opportunity to share, to talk to people. To stand up for something. You could be the key to changing everything.
To my fellow author’s son – Dude you are the bomb! You have put a smile on my face that I won’t be able to erase for days, maybe weeks. I wish I could hug you and carry you around with me as my good luck charm, but that would be kind of creepy since you’re human and under the age of 18. All I gotta say is keep writing, keep reading, and keep changing the world. You are a rock star!!