Five things I miss about Havendale

Hi all. It’s me, David from IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING. Charlotte and I took the day off yesterday. Things got kind of bad, and we had to run, but we’re safe for now (thank you, oh scribbler of our tale).

I have no idea what to talk about except what’s on my mind and right now, that would be my home, Havendale.

I miss my home so much.  I remember when I read Lord of the Rings how I used to wish I could go on grand Hobbit adventures. I used to think that would be so cool, but now that I’m on one, all I can think about is going back to my shire. My little hole in the forest of Tennessee. You know what I miss the most?

Sleep.  I miss being able to sleep all night and not have to worry about whether a dragon is going to eat me or if a sorcerer is going to kill me.

I miss showers, baths, bodies of water that I can bathe in. We’re always on the go and running and hiding. Deodorant and toothpaste are non-existent here, and the soap will burn a hole in your skin. And it’s not just me that stinks. When we’re in the wild like we are most of the time, Charlotte, Trog, me … God, we smell like wet dogs wrapped in sweaty gym socks.  And razors? Ha! It’s a good thing the hair on my face grows relatively slow, but I am growing a bit of a beard, which I hate. I’m sixteen. That’s just not right. And Charlotte? Let’s not go there with what the lack of a razor can do to a girl my age.  It’s not pretty.

I miss real food, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, orange juice, chocolate chip ice cream. Coffee. Oh my God, how I miss my coffee. Trog says it sounds like something one might find in The Spice Isles. I don’t even have a clue where that is. Too far from Fallhollow, that’s for sure.

I miss my house. I live in this old 1800 civil war antebellum home with the big columns you see in old movies, except I don’t live on a plantation. The rooms are huge, but they’re not stuffy like you’d think they’d be. They’re really kind of modern. My favorite room in the house is the library. Two stories of nothing but books and artifacts. I could spend hours in that room and never get tired of it.

Last, I miss my car. You remember Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds? Yeah, well that’s mine, except in black and man, does she purr. She’s a ’67 Shelby GT 500. It’s got a 428 under the hood, and can go 0 – to 100 in 13 seconds. That baby is fast (not like I’ve ever taken it 100 mph, just saying). The car used to belong to my dad. Now it’s mine, and she’s in mint condition.  I don’t know how she’s stayed that way for so long, but I’m not going to complain. I think when I get home, I’ll take her for a spin, let her know I haven’t forgotten her … that is if I can find what Lily did with her.

Now that I’ve told you what I miss about my home, what do you miss about your home when you go away for a while?

6 thoughts on “Five things I miss about Havendale

    1. Oh, no, Ms. Fredericks! You misunderstood. I mean, it is kind of disgusting for a girl to look like Sasquatch (from a guy’s point of view), but I tell you, she’s the one complaining. Constantly. You should hear her. The moaning and groaning because her legs look like fuzzy caterpillars and her pits look like permanent homes for sprouting chia pets (her words, not mine), is quite annoying. I’m so over it. Then again, I suppose if I had all that grooming to do to myself all the time, I’d be a bit irritated, too, but not for the same reason. I’d be mad because I would be expected by others to do it. I mean, how dumb is that? Makes me glad I’m a guy.


      1. OMG! David! I can’t believe you’re discussing my hairy pits with the world! Are you insane, monkey man! Grrrrr!! If I had a pb&j sandwich, I’d smash it on your fuzzy face! Just you wait. I know where you sleep.

        Ms. Fredericks? Ms. Hughson? Anyone? Do you have a razor or cream you can pass through the screen? Maybe somehow teleport? Maybe ask the author-roo to provide some? I’d really appreciate it. It is gross. Truly. Another month I might be able to braid it.


  1. I miss the feeling of my cats curled up next to me when I’m sleeping. I miss the familiarity of where things are in the dark of night (when I should be asleep but I need to use the facilities. Don’t judge, David. Someday you’ll be old and have the same issue). And I miss my bed and pillow. I don’t sleep well for the first three days in a new place because my back and neck are yearning for home.


    1. Ms. Hughson, I know what you mean! The beds here are horrible. I might as well sleep on a rock, and I can make a better pillow out of my rucksack. Unless we stay in a manor or a castle. Then that’s like sleeping in heaven. I guess I don’t have to tell you we don’t spend much time sleeping in castles and manors, not when on the run from dragons and creeps who are trying to kill us. And I know what you mean about knowing your surroundings in the dark. I know where everything is in my house and could move around with my eyes closed. Here, in Fallhollow, I don’t have a clue where stuff is, and I always seem to find that creaky floorboard when I’m trying to be super quiet.

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