Happy Superhero, I mean, Mother’s Day

Today is a day to honor all moms. Guys, this doesn’t just mean your mom. It means all moms, including:

–  the lady with the crying baby in the grocery store. Don’t be angry at her for not ‘shutting it up’. She’s more than likely not slept an entire night since giving birth. She’s zombie-fied, tired, irritable and may break out in tears if you look at her the wrong way. Or she could snap and take your head off. Either way, she’s a mom. Honor her.

–  the mom in the clothing store trying to be diplomatic with her eye-rolling, snarky teen.  As an observer, you may want to give the kid a quick kick in the behind, until you remember you were the same way at that age. Some things never change, right?

–  the mom at the kitchen table trying to help her child with math homework she hasn’t seen in maybe – ever. Throw core teaching methods on top it and well, give that woman a glass bottle of wine.

–  the single mom who is working two jobs to make ends meet, the same mom who sacrifices what she wants so that her kids can have. In case you haven’t realized, moms do this from the moment they hold that baby in their arms. Their life is no longer their own, and it never will be again.

–  your wife, the woman who takes care of you, makes your dinners, washes your clothes, makes sure your prodigies are well taken care of before somehow finding the energy to be alluring in the bedroom without falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

And let’s not forget all the the moms who hold the following positions 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year:

  • CEO of household
  • doctor
  • nurse
  • teacher
  • referee
  • taxi driver
  • personal chef
  • professional cheerleader
  • food tester
  • family therapist
  • search and rescuer of lost toys
  • accountant
  • boo boo kisser
  • lullaby singer
  • dramatic story-teller
  • banker
  • hair stylist
  • makeup specialist,
  • bargain shopper
  • pet sitter
  • maid
  • laundry queen
  • housekeeper
  • janitor
  • art director
  • potty trainer
  • personal assistant to all family members
  • birthday event coordinator
  • wardrobe stylist
  • personal shopper
  • stain removal expert
  • vacation coordinator and tour guide, and
  • scary monster destroyer.

To all you moms out there, remember this:  you’re beautiful and special to those around you, even when your hair is a mess, you don’t have time to put on makeup, you can’t sing a lullaby on key,  and your house looks like an earthquake and a hurricane passed through it at the same time.  Be kind to yourself. You’re amazing. Don’t let anyone undermine all that you do, all you have sacrificed, all you have become. There is nothing more wonderful than a mom.  Take pride in what you are.  You’ve earned this hallowed spot. Show off your battle scars with pride. Today is your day.