YA Fans – which do you prefer ~ paper books or e-books? Take the Poll – Win a book!

With my own YA book coming out in 2016, I’m wondering, what do YA fans prefer:  paper books or ebooks? Take the poll and leave a comment explaining your preference.

As an added incentive to play along, I am giving away to one lucky winner, their choice of either a paperback or e-book copy of the YA anthology, ONE MORE DAY, which includes my short story, Dragon Flight.


All you have to do is click the Rafflecopter link and enter. Sadly, the contest is open to US residents only (shipping and all.)

Rafflecopter Link

Thank you all so much for participating and please feel free to share!

And now, onto the poll!!

9 thoughts on “YA Fans – which do you prefer ~ paper books or e-books? Take the Poll – Win a book!

  1. If its a book I know I’ll want to rearead, paperpack all the way. The sheer quantity of books I read – and the fact that time on the treadmill goes by more quickly when I’m reading – votes for ebooks, which are generally less than half the price and easy to read while exercising (or traveling).
    So my answer might change – depending on the book. I’ve also been known to buy the hardback on release day and then donate it to the school library.


  2. I prefer print copies when I read. It’s easier to flip back and forth in the book and I like the smell. LOL Kindle is handy though for travel and sometimes it’s the only way you can get the book.


    1. I agree. E-readers have their place, but nothing beats a good paper book. For instance, my Nook was giving me trouble this weekend – highlighting stuff, turning pages when I didn’t even touch the screen. Then it would freeze and not work. One doesn’t have that problem with a real book – not unless there is a ‘user’ error. 🙂


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