how to braid arm pit hair

Is anyone else’s blog dying a slow death?

This time last year, my blog had almost 200 hits a day.  This year, I’m lucky if I hit 30 a day.  Two days ago, I had 16 hits.  What happened?

I look back at what I was doing then.  Nothing really different than now.  It’s like my blog caught some cyber disease and is slowly croaking.  I wonder if I should put it out of its misery or perhaps start up a blog on how to braid arm pit hairs. I hear there are lots of patterns depending on the length.

What do you think?  Has anyone braided their pit hairs?  Did you use beads?  Orrrr, maybe you pierced or tattooed your arm pit?  Remember, pictures speak 1,000 words.  I’m not sure if anyone would want to see them, but hey…what a conversation piece, eh?