How to Create Your Own Book Trailer

I really liked this post because it gives two different ways to make a book trailer as well as providing links to royalty free pictures. I made mine with Animoto. My next one I might need to try wtih MovieMaker. Hope you guys found this post as helpful as I did. Thanks, Margo!!

Words, Words, Words

Hi, all! I have recently had several requests for this, so I thought I’d post it here again.

How to Create Your Own Book Trailer
Indie authors know that it’s often important to minimize costs surrounding advertising. And while it’s possible to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on a book trailer, with a little time and effort, it’s possible for an author to produce his or her own book trailer.

1. Write your script. Knowing what words you are going to be using over the images can make a world of difference once you start looking for appropriate images. Think in terms of text that is about the same length and style as the back cover of a novel.

2. Break the script into small chunks. You won’t want to over-load your screen with text. But make sure that the chunks make enough sense by themselves to be…

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6 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Book Trailer

  1. I originally was going to use MovieMaker, but then I started playing around on Animoto and it was just so easy, I made it right away 🙂 Did you remember to cancel your $5 subscription? I didn’t, and just realized they’re still taking it out each month, lol


    1. Yes, I just did the month to month so they wouldn’t take it out of my account. It was really easy. If only I could find actors to act out scenes and have someone film it. That would be awesome!!


    1. You’re welcome. I really liked making mine with Animoto but I used the $5 plan because I had more selections to choose from and I could make the video a little longer. It was fun.


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