18 Truths

Paperback, 278 pages
Published:  January 28th 2014 by Curiosity Quills Press
ISBN: 1620074478 (ISBN13: 9781620074473)
Edition language:  English
Series: 18 Things #2

Back Cover Blurb: Lying is unbearable, betrayal is inevitable, and choosing which path to take is impossible.

Olga Gay Worontzoff ended her senior year as an eighteen-year-old girl totally in love with Nate, enjoying their new romance and about to attend the university of her dreams. Now she’s spending her summer in the weird subculture of the Underworld, with charmingly witty and powerful angels, and problematic demons, trying to rescue Connor, the best friend and secret crush she was unable to save during a freak accident.

But Nate has other things on his mind, mainly Grace. She’s their first assignment as joint spirit guides, and Olga’s feeling hurt and jealous. His mysterious behavior has Olga questioning everything she believed about him and now she must decide whether to stick to their plan, or follow her heart. Unfortunately, a series of mistakes threatens everyone around her and plants Olga in the center of cosmic events much larger than she ever imagined.

Only one thing is certain: the chilling truths uncovered during her journey will leave no one untouched.

My Review

I8 Truths by Jamie Ayres is a literary triumph. Beautifully told.  Meticulously executed.

I received 18 Truths as a beta reader and saw this manuscript blossom into what it is now. The story picks up after 18 Things (you should probably read this one first so you know what’s going on).  Long story short, Olga’s Worontzoff, along with her friend Nate, are on a mission to save best friend (and her secret crush) Connor from the Underworld.  Connor died in a freak accident and Olga is determined to save him and his soul.  Enter conniving demons and whimsical, powerful angels, and you’ve got one rip-roaring adventure.

But the story isn’t just this really cool paranormal adventure for teens and adults. It’s a quest for faith, for answers.  It’s a book of love, compassion, deceit…truths.  The prose will wrap around you like a warm blanket, making you feel cozy and safe, then Ayres strips the reader of the security, leaving their emotions naked and exposed.  You will laugh and cry, race through the anger, and swim in sadness.  There is not one emotion Ayres leaves unturned. 18 Truths is mesmerizing.  Haunting.  It’s one of those books that stays with you after you’re finished.  You have no choice but to return to it a day later to find the line that spoke to you.  You can’t help but return to it a month later in search of the song that sang to your heart. I have read a few contemporary novels (none quite with a paranormal theme), and I have to tell you, 18 Truths is pure magic for the soul.

There is a religious tone to the novel, but I really don’t think it will interfere with anyone’s enjoyment.  The religiousness is not in your face.  You know it’s part of the ‘paranormal’ theme in the book and it’s what drives Olga and Nate, two of the three main characters of the novel.  For those who do believe and our grounded in faith, this book will take you on an exciting journey through all the possibilities faith offers.  You’ll get to meet angels, and oh, can they be devilish, playful and witty creatures.  But in the quirkiness, there is also power and unbelievable love.  The creatures of the Underworld are as one would expect…beautiful, manipulative, interfering, intriguing and conspiring.  Your time spent here is intense, and Olga’s faith and heart are tested.

As the story unfolds, Olga is faced with 18 Truths, and all of them will leave her soul, as well as yours, touched in unbelievable ways.

18 Truths is an achingly beautiful story of life, loss and hope.  In its every aspect, this novel is a triumph.

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