Writing out of sequence

So, I woke up in the middle of the night with the ending to my Chronicles of Fallhollow trilogy playing in my head like a movie.  I had to write it down before I forgot it. The attached song by Evanescence was playing in my head as I watched the ending unfurl in my dream.

OMGosh.  I got up this morning and read what I wrote and I was in tears.  Not that what I wrote doesn’t need work, but I saw the ending of this story in such clarity and it was so darn sad…yet there can be no other ending.

This song captures the ending so well.

Does anyone else write out of sequence?  Do you have moments of clarity that just blow you away?

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10 thoughts on “Writing out of sequence

  1. I do. I usually start with the scene I can see most clearly. Even if I have a set order sometimes a random scene will show up and I’ll write it out. A couple of times that has changed the course of my story, usually for the better.


  2. This song always gives me the chills. And when you write, I don’t think there are necessarily any rules you have to stick too. Each story feels like a chemistry experiment all on it’s own. Use what you can, mix what you can and go for it. 🙂


  3. Jenny-
    I have written the beginning and then the end of all three of the books in the trilogy I’m working on. In between, I sometimes write out of sequence because a certain scene is vivid in my mind and then go back to fill in the blank. I smooth the transitions in the rewrite phase.
    I also was surprised by the end of my Gates of Astrya trilogy. I just don’t see how it could end any other way and I hope my readers don’t hate me too much for it.


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