My 1st “Short Story” trailer

I’ve wanted to make a trailer for my short stories for a long time and didn’t know where to even begin. The whole process seemed daunting and way too difficult.  But when my friend and fellow author, Jamie Ayres, made her first book trailer video a few days ago, I knew I had to try it.

I used a free program at, and played with the trailer when I wasn’t taking down Christmas decorations or raking the yard or making dinner.  It’s been a crazy day, let me tell ya.

Anyway, the final result is below. What do you guys think?

17 thoughts on “My 1st “Short Story” trailer

  1. OMG! I’ll admit – I’ve yet to read One More Day, but your blurb with that trailer alone enticed me to cram some reading into my packed schedule this weekend!!!!!

    Seriously loved it. Good job!

    Now, if only I had the time & nads to try such a thing …


    1. Thanks, Terri. I think that’s the difficult part…cramming an entire story into so few words. I’m not sure if I did it the way a real editor would have done, but that’s the great thing about stepping outside the comfort zone. I learn stuff. It also helped to use a free site the 1st time around that pretty much did everything for me. When I make a real one from scratch, I might just pull all my hair out and cry.


  2. Well done Jenny! I can tell the effort you’ve put into it, and know all too well how much time and effort a book trailer requires. Lucky for me I didn’t have the trouble of finding copyright-free images (I did all the illustrations myself).


  3. I think it’s AWESOME! When I was playing with mine, I didn’t find one that let me put words over the moving videos like you did . . . did you use the free option, $5 option, or go with a bigger package (that’s what she said, lol). Terrific job, my friend!


  4. Very cool, Jenny! I’ve noticed book trailers are gaining more and more interest. My husband and I put one together the other day. I had no idea how difficult and time consuming it would be!


    1. I put it up on YouTube, FB, Twitter and my website. If you want to share or know anyone who might want to share, please feel free to spread the word!.. 🙂 Mainly I did it to actually say I did one. Great thing is, I actually had a blast making it. The hard part was finding the truly free photos to use. I love Wikimedia and


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