Winner in Christmas Cracker Scavenger Hunt!

Today, prizes are being picked for 11 lucky people who played along in J. Taylor Publishing’s Christmas Cracker Scavenger Hunt.  Today, I get to announce the winner of the e-book, TIED, by Laney McMann.

And the winner is………………

Sharon Hughson!

Yay!!  Congratulations, Sharon!  Please send your e-mail addy and e-book preference to me at kford2007(at)gmail(d0t)com so I can get your book out to you in time for Christmas!!  Make sure you put “Christmas Scavenger Hunt Winner” in the subject line.

Thanks to all who played along.  You still may have a chance to win books from any of the other 10 blogs you visited, so if you didn’t win here, you may have won a book elsewhere or you may have won the big $100 Amazon Gift Card prize!!

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