17-Year Old Author’s Most Valuable Lesson Learned

As a YA author, I’m always interested in talking to teens and young adults to get their perspective on things.  Marissa Halvorson is the youngest writer in the ONE MORE DAY anthology so I was quite interested in finding out what she thought to be her most valuable lesson learned in this whole getting published thing.   I found what she said to be enlightening and very true.


 As some of you may know, I am the youngest author in this anthology. In fact, I was not even eighteen when I first heard the good news that they were accepting my story for publication. I turned eighteen about a month later.

This process has been absolutely amazing for me. I’ve met a ton of new people, made a ton of new friends, hopefully made some new fans, collected some new knowledge, and most of all, had fun. I’ve learned a ton of things. Jenny has asked me to tell all of you what I believe the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is. Well, here it is.

You can’t do it alone.

I’ve been trying to get published for several years now. People always told me not to give up, that I had to follow my dreams because I dreamed them so strongly. The whole time I was trying to do this, I thought I had to do it all alone. I thought that the publisher would publish my book, that they’d help edit my book, but that I would have to sell my book myself. I’ve been a fairly lonely child for a good portion of my life, so I’ve become quite independent and I rarely rely on others to do anything for me. In fact, I often don’t even trust others to do things for me. You can see why I’d want to do everything myself, that I’d believe I have to do everything myself, can’t you?

The truth is, becoming a part of the JTP family has changed my life. They’ve all made me realize how you never have to do anything alone. You often don’t even have to ask for help when you’re around the right people. The right people know that you need help and they help you before you have the chance to ask. The other authors helped me with marketing, helped me to learn what I needed to do. We really are a big family, and they have taught me the best lesson, not just about writing and publishing, but about life as well.

Don’t do everything yourself if you don’t want to. Ask for help. Sometimes, you really can’t do it alone.


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