One Publisher; One Author’s Life Changed Forever

OneMoreDay-cover-pb-spineToday is Day 2 of the One More Day Anthology blog tour and the 7 authors are as busy as mall Santas, making their rounds in cyberspace, introducing themselves, making connections and spreading cheer.  Today, I have the lovely Erika Beebe, author of Stage Fright, with me to answer one question:

If you could freeze one moment of your life and put it on display for all to see, what would that moment be?

Erika, the stage is all yours.


The one happy moment I wish I could re-share with the world?  The moment where I did so many happy dances and celebrated until my cheeks were flushed and bright red?  The moment J. Taylor contacted me about my story Stage Fright, in One More Day. I’d had so many closed doors for so many years and that one moment changed me. It gave me confidence, faith, and a true belief in turning the impossible into possible. I’ll always be grateful for that email.


That’s lovely, Erika, and what great words of encouragement to other authors out there.  Goes to show, all it takes is one leap of faith for a door to open.  And for your reading pleasure, here is a little excerpt from Stage Fright:


They warned me about the stage.

It stretched out, long, black and ice-hard with a curve around the edge, and Mean Girl, one of the cast members, stood at the perfect angle, a little behind me off to the left, but where I couldn’t escape her sneer. “Do you remember the last time you danced on the lake, right before the blizzard in the spring?” my best friend Jess had asked the night before, in a long overdue FaceTime chat—the closest we’d come to seeing each other in months. “Feel the ice, and dance.”

I sucked in a huge breath of air and pictured that day in my hometown, instead of the stage; the sky overhead had darkened, the rolling clouds pushed by a wind so strong, it whipped my long dark hair around my face. I remembered braiding my hair quickly and pulling my green stocking hat down over my ears and forehead. After grabbing my skates, I’d slung them over my shoulder and walked to the edge of the frozen lake. I can do this.


Want to read more?  Click one of the links below to grab your copy in e-book or paperback, or, if you’re really daring, enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for your chance to win a copy of ONE MORE DAY.


Don’t forget to stop by Erika’s homes on the web and say hello. She’d love to talk to you and share her journey to publication.

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8 thoughts on “One Publisher; One Author’s Life Changed Forever

  1. That’s so awesome. Congrats again. I love to see a post like this because it gives me hope I’ll be doing a happy dance of my own one day when I get that call or email from an agent or publisher. 🙂


  2. I’m so happy for you my dear friend. No one I know deserves this more than you young lady. All the late nights and hard work paid off. Have a blessed holiday season. I know I’ve been blessed having known you. Be happy…… is good. Hugs


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