Words of Confusion Wednesday

Today’s words:  Picture and Pitcher.  It amazes me how many people speak and write these words incorrectly.  While they are spelled differently and mean two completely different things, they do sound similar.  Being from the south, I can understand how people can speak the words incorrectly, being the southern accent accentuates letters while dropping others.  I suppose many accents do the same.  However, as a writer and a beta reader, I do see these two words written incorrectly and thought I’d help those along who may be a bit confused by the two.

Picture:  a visual representation of a person, object or thing as found in such mediums as photographs, painting, or film.



A container meant to hold and pour liquids.

Someone who pitches, i.e. the player that throws a ball to an opposing player, or an author that tosses his/her story out to an agent or publisher.

The number seven iron club in golf


Hope this unconfused those who were confused.  I’m going now to take pictures of a pitcher throwing a ball while drinking a pitcher of orange juice.  Until next time.


Happy writing.



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