Angry Birds, Zombies and Candy Crush – what’s your distraction?

Are there any other authors out there who come up for air from their manuscripts only to delve into Angry Birds, Plants v Zombies or Candy Crush Saga?

What is it with these games and what makes them so darn addictive?  Do you find you have to level up on your favorite game more than you have to finish writing your current chapter?

How do you pull yourself back into the writing cocoon?

For me, I have to give up all social media for days, sometimes weeks.   i have to disconnect.  Turn it off.  Don’t visit. Don’t think about it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  What do you do when the Candies are calling you?

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6 thoughts on “Angry Birds, Zombies and Candy Crush – what’s your distraction?

  1. I find email and other blogs terribly distracting. Also, I could research forever. Sometimes I need to just sit back and write, and research as little as possible. I don’t need to be a total expert, you know. 🙂


  2. Bejewelled was the one I was obsessed with a few years ago. Lately, I have been avoiding those games like the plague because they are such a waste of time and I already have too many distractions that take me away from writing. 🙂


  3. I think self-control is the best thing to practice but it’s pretty tough avoiding games like Candy Crush. I usually give myself 5 tries until I run out of lives then call it quits. Also, I try to keep myself busy so that I don’t think about games at all. I appreciate the tag!


  4. The clever part of their design is that the concept is simple (throw birds at pigs) but there are lots of variations. Meanwhile, the “levels” are short, so you always think, “I have time for just one more!”

    Yes, they are a fascinating diversion. The catch is, we use Facebook at all to promote our works and build an audience, so we can’t just abandon social media. My personal strategy is to write several pages first, then play games as a reward. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself.


  5. I’m a Candy Crush addict, but it usually gets in the way of TV watching time, not writing time. When I hit a really difficult level (like the one I’m on now, guh!) I’ll stay away from it for a loooong time.


  6. I’ve completely eliminated all of those games from my life. I had to. I was losing hours of my life. I’ve also drastically reduced the amount of time I allow myself for social media to only what is necessary and productive. Because I was struggling so much with productivity, I had to do a strict assessment of all the things I was doing with my time and make difficult, serious choices, and those frivolous and useless time-wasters had to go. Once I made the decision, though, I was surprised by how little I missed those things. I’m much more content and confident, knowing that I am being more productive with my time.


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