Writer Acronyms

Have you ever landed on a writer’s page and read acronyms like WIP, MS, MC and wondered what they meant?  Below you will find a list of many of the common ones I could think of.  If you can think of any others, please post in the comments.

WIP:  Work in Progress

MC:  Main Character

POV:  Point of View

MS:  manuscript

MSS:  manuscripts

YA:  Young Adult

MG:  Middle Grade

LI:  Love interest

SF/F:  Science Fiction/Fantasy

RWA: Romance Writers of America

ARC:  Advance Reader Copy

NF:  Non-Fiction

CB:  Chapter Book

PB: Picture Book

HEA:  Happily Ever After

OMNI:  Omnicent

IM: internal monologue

IT:  internal thought

TBR:  To be read

RUE:  Resist the urge to Explain

SNI:  shiny new idea

OTT:  over the top

NaNoWriMo:  National November Writing Month

PW:  Publisher’s Weekly

WMH:  Writer’s Market Handbook

ER:  Easy Reader

SCBWI:  Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Partial:  when an agent or publisher requests the first 30 – 50 pages of your MS

full:  when an agent or publisher requests the entire MS

GMC:  goal/motivation/conflict

Beta:  a secondary reader and writer who checks your MS for mistakes and checks for flow and suggests improvements

Slush pile:  a pile of unsolicited manuscripts sent to agents, editors and publishers.

SASE:  Self addressed stamped envelope – believe it or not, there are still agents and publishers that want you to send your MS the old fashioned way.

query:  a concise pitch of your story

BS:  Back story

EC:  external conflict

H/H:  hero/heroine

TSTL:  Too stupid to live

BICHOK:  butt in chair, hands on keyboard

CP:  critique partner

Crit:  critique

FF:  Flash Fiction

LBGT:  Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay/Transgender

POD:  Print on Demand

So the next time your Beta and CP tell you your YA MS has too much BS, there’s not enough EC, your H/H has no GMC, you might need to rewrite and add a LI in order to get a HEA so your baby doesn’t end up in the slush pile.