7 Elements for the perfect plot

You want to write a short story and/or a novel.  What’s the first thing you need?  You’re right…an idea, but what comes after that?

A plot.  Some people think a plot line is easy, but it’s a little bit more than boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy gets girl.  So boring.  What you need is meat, substance, and that comes in the form of the following, pretty much in this order:

  • Aspiration/goal – What does your MC want?
  • Game plan – how does your MC devise to get what (s)he wants?
  • Weakness – what are the flaws and/or obstacles that will keep the MC from getting what s(he) wants?
  • 1st, maybe 2nd and 3rd defeat – Choose how many times the MC must fall and get back up.  Torture him/her.
  • Final showdown – The battle of all battles where the MC shines and kicks some serious butt
  • Self-revelation – What does the MC learn about him/her self?
  • Resolution – Wrap it up.  Show the MC’s strength and resolve and most of all, how (s)he changed/grew from the beginning to the end of the story.  Does the MC get what (s)he wanted or did the goal change?

Plot it out in your head or on paper, then write your heart out.  Good luck to your MC, and may (s)he get what (s)he desires.

Happy writing.

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