The Lost Hero of Naidraug

An excerpt from a novella I’ve almost completed.  it’s the story of a world gone to war and a young girl’s attempt to save it from its self.


The dragon lifted its head and slowly unfurled one wing, his attempt to shift his weight hindered by the metal chains tethered to gnarled talons. He sighed at my presence, his breath raunchy with the foul odor of rotten eggs.

“My dear girl.  How little you understand. There was a moment when time stood still, When the sun beat upon my face and the world bowed to my might.  A time when I soared to great heights and no one questioned my strength, my fortitude, my resilience, my aim.  I was resolute, confident, bold and brave.

“Now, I am relinquished to this darkened cave.  What good am I to anyone?  I am an ancient relic, chilled to my core, my spirit gone with the bindings forced upon me.  My wings are weak, my youth is but a memory on a distant shore.  I have forgotten the feel of sunlight upon my face and the most that spits from my mouth is a small puff of smoke that humors the live-in mice.”

The great beast buried its head beneath his wing.  “Go, little one for I am not what you are looking for.  I do thank you for  your kindness.  It is promising to see altruism alive in such dark times as these.”

“But, Bordan—”

“Go child.  I need to sleep so that I may dream of warmer days when the world was young and mine for the taking.  I was happy then.  Let me stay in my dreams.”