The King of Rock ‘n Roll is Dead

It’s been 36 years today since the King of Rock n Roll passed away.  I was in my room listening to one of his albums when my mom came in and gave me the news as it broke on the t.v.

I was barely 17 and completely devastated.  The thought of his voice never crooning new songs in my ear was unfathomable.  There had to be a mistake.  I’d just seen him for the 3rd time in concert in May 1977.  But we all know there was no mistake.  The King of Rock was gone.

He’d captured my attention and grabbed me as a loyal fan nine years earlier.  I was going through my mom’s ’45s when I stumbled upon a record titled “I Got Stung” backed with “One Night”.  The singer’s name was one I’d never heard before and it was “One Night” that stole my heart, and I never looked back.  Up until then, I’d never seen his face.  When I realized what he looked like…O.M.G.! 

His voice mesmerizes me to this day.  It is a shame he couldn’t sort out his personal problems and get off the prescription drugs.  The world lost a great singer and a good man on August 16, 1977.  Thankfully, his legacy lives on.  May the world never forget.

4 thoughts on “The King of Rock ‘n Roll is Dead

  1. I remember hearing the news while sitting at the dining room table at the cottage. Like the Beetles, I heard him first on The Ed Sullivan Show. My mom used to think Hubby danced like him, calling him ‘Swivel Hips’! lol

    Yes, we lost a great singer that day. 😦


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