SWAG Giveaways!

Hear ye, hear ye!  Calling all YA authors.

I’m planning on one, maybe two, swag giveaways around Christmas.  I’m not sure if it/they will be open for international shipping or not at this time, but I still have time to sort that out.

If you have anything you’d like to have included in the swag giveaway(s) – buttons, magnets, pens, bookmarks, books – please contact me through my website (preferable) or comment here (may get lost in the shuffle of blog posts).  In the comment section, please put – Swag Giveaway in the first line.

Let’s make this a great Christmas for one, maybe two people!  Looking forward to hearing from you.


6 thoughts on “SWAG Giveaways!

  1. Swag Giveaway–Hi Jenny! What a cool idea. I’d be happy to send you a bookmark and pen and tote bag to add to your giveaway.


  2. Jenny I would love to take part in this, but my WIP is not close enough to send to a publisher now and I am not sure it will be ready for publication by the fall. I do know an author with a new book that might want to add to your giveaway. i will send here here. Good luck with the idea and i will send anyone I think can make it work along to you.


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