What a beautiful way to start the week

This week, I’ve been nominated for four blog awards by Naphtali.   I am so honored.  She is one of several Christian bloggers I follow and I’m so glad I found her.

The four awards she nominated me for are:

blog of 2012 award


one lovely blog award

shine on blog award

I’m supposed to answer a bunch of questions about me, but I’m going to change it up a bit and ask you to respond to the following questions because I’d much rather learn about you.  I won’t make it too difficult.  Please feel free to answer any and/or all questions and elaborate as much as you want.

1.  Have you ever eaten a bug?

2.  Have you ever been bitten by a horse?

3.  Have you ever ridden an elephant/camel?

4.  Have you ever made a wish upon a star and it came true?

5.  Shoes or barefeet?

6.  How old were you when you got/gave your first kiss?

7.  Your favorite sound in the world?

8.  Your favorite smell?

9.  paper books or e-books?

10.  Happiest moment of your life?

I am passing on the awards to the following people:

WordPress Family Award:


Be Not Afeard


Blog of 2012 Award:




One Lovely Blog Award:

Dianne Gray

Dibbler Dabbler

Jamie Ayres

Shine on Blog Award:

C.B. Wentworth

Fabulous Realms

Kourtney Heinz

13 thoughts on “What a beautiful way to start the week

  1. Congratulations on the rewards. I have read enough of your blog to know it is well deserved. I, Like you, love when I find other Christians striking out in this harrowing world WILD web! We must be ever vigilant to smear as much of the love of GOD as we can to try to balance out everything else.


  2. Congratulations on the awards, Jenny! And thank you so much for the nomination 😀

    My favorite sound in the world? Is the sound of my children’s voices 😀


    1. I would have to say the same about my kids and my grand-daughter. I love her laugh and her little voice. She’ll be 5 next month and I miss her so much.


  3. Congratulations on your blog awards. 🙂 Would love to have read your answers to these questions, but It’s kinds cool that you’re mixing it up a bit. So here goes. Shoes or barefeet = Barefeet. 🙂 Love the feel of grass beneath my feet.


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