Free Tchotchkes for Everyone!

Yes, yes, it’s true!  I have free tchotchkes for everyone.  What the heck is a tchotchke you ask?  It’s a trinket, a souvenir, an ornament, and J. Taylor Publishing has released their tchotchkes for their new anthology, ONE MORE DAY, coming out December 2, 2013.  I’m super excited because my short story, “Dragon Flight” will grace the pages.  (And yes, there will be real pages, not just virtual ones.  This makes me very, very happy.)

Until the book comes out, please feel free to download any of these you like for free.  Under no circumstances are they to be sold as they belong to J. Taylor Publishing.  Enjoy!!




 OneMoreDay-Bookmark-Front-printable        bookmarks        OneMoreDay-Bookmark-Back-printable




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